Roberta Jean Smith



Roberta Jean Smith (nee Walker) is the founder and current President of Matrix Planning, Inc..  She is also the Manager (and apparent founder) of Hudson Valley Ventures, LLC.  Both companies are involved in financing of Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC.


FINRA Central Registration Depository # 4858983.

Director of several companies, including Zinc Matrix Power, Inc (aka ZPower and SilverPolymer).

President of AvaWorks, Inc. providing "Photorealistic Talking Head Communication Applications" under the VeraSprite brand.

President of Cyber Oasys Corp., a provider of streaming video content.  Current status uncertain.  The related domain names and are inoperative or parked.


12 Apr 2007 - Created Hudson Valley Ventures, LLC.

Contact information

3015 Main Street
Suite 403
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 399-0457

Last updated 22 Jun 2009.

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