Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC


SEC file # 021-104342, CIK # 0001402822.


Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC is the developer and will be the operating company for the proposed Williams Lake project.  (They have stated, however, that the operator of the spa will be someone else, not yet identified.)


13 Apr 2007 - Registered as a for-profit LLC in Ulster County, New York.  The offices of the company are in Northhampton or Longmeadow, MA, depending on which document you are reading. 


5 Jun 2007 - Filed a new Notice of Sale of Securities (274Kb .pdf) (also called a REGDEX) with the SEC, showing intent to raise $4,000,000 (of which $1,514,100 had already been received) through the sale of $100 Class A LLC Membership Interests.  The REGDEX claims exemption from most SEC reporting requirments under SEC Rule 506.

20 Nov 2007 - Submitted to the Town of Rosendale a concept plan for a resort to be built on the Williams Lake property, along with a proposed zoning amendment to accomodate such a facility within a Residence A zone.

28 Feb 2008 - Purchased 55 acres of land (parcel 62.11-1-13.1), mostly West of Binnewater Road, but with some Williams Lake shoreline, from Barbara Anne Battelle, sister of Anita Peck.

10 Apr 2008 - Purchased 27 acres of land (parcel 62.4-1-9.1), mostly West of Binnewater Road, but with some Williams Lake shoreline, for $210,000, from Anita Peck.

11 Apr 2008 - Loaned $4,143,000 to Ulster County Construction Company, Inc. and The Binnewater Realty Corporation (both controlled by Anita Peck), in exchange for a mortgage on all of their interests in land and improvements.  The land involved is all of the Williams Lake property, totalling 699 acres.  The "Recitals" section of the mortgage also refers to an Agreement of Sale [not made public] for "the sale by [Anita] Peck to Mortgagor [HRVR] of all of the shares of stock in Ulster and Binnewater".  It is not clear if this sale has taken place.

29 Apr 2008 - Filed a second new Notice of Sale of Securities (198Kb .pdf) with the SEC, showing it intended to and had raised $6,088,967.  At this time, the following were identified as 'Beneficial Owners', i.e. each holding voting power over 10% or more of a class of equity securities of the company:

10 Oct 2011 - Initiated a new website at  Although the site refers only to The Williams Lake Project, including a new logo, and does not use the HRVR name, no new company has been created; Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC. continues to be the corporate name.

Additional detail about HRVR and the project at Williams Lake can be found on the Timeline page.

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