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TOWN OF ROSENDALE                                                       DRAFT


OCTOBER 5, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:29 pm by Supervisor McDonough at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


                        PRESENT:         Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                                Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                                Councilman Kenneth Hassett

                                                Councilman Richard Minissali           

                                                Supervisor Patrick McDonough

            ALSO PRESENT:           Jennifer Metzger, Deputy Supervisor; Billy Liggan, Planning Board; Tim Morrison, ZRC, P/B Alt; Kelleigh McKenzie, ZBA Alt; Tara Burke, Rec. Director; Perry Soule, Police Chief; Ann Citron; Victoria Mitchell; Phyllis Noreen; Robert Ryan; Jeanne Walsh; Alex Ferguson, Climate Task Force.


PUBLIC INPUT: Steve Aaron, Birchez Associates, read a letter he submitted (letter dated 10/5/11 in folders) to the Board regarding proposed use of the Creek Locks Road property.  He stated that he realizes the need for both youth and senior housing development; he would ask to participate in talks about the long term use of the property.  Supervisor McDonough reported that there has been discussion with Little League for planning but nothing is final as to how much of the property will be used.  Councilman Hassett stated that he spoke with Mr. Aaron briefly about the property; he realizes that Mr. Aaron put a lot of time and effort into trying to do business here in Rosendale developing this site.  Councilman Hassett stated that the Board made a unanimous decision to allow the Little League to use the land but nothing is definite as to the amount of land or terms of use; he would like to see the Town collaborate with Mr. Aaron to see what could still be done to develop the land.  Mr. Aaron stated that the need is there for both youth recreation and senior housing today and going forward; he would like to continue to work together.  Supervisor McDonough stated that he would like to talk with Mr. Aaron more (possibly tomorrow) before the next meeting with members of the Little League and American Legion on Monday.  Mr. Aaron said that he hope Little League could find an alternate site (they have already exhausted those prospects) so that the Town could go forward with the sewer expansion which was foreseen in Birchez RFP; the land is a valuable resource.  Councilwoman Greene state that allowing the Little League to use the land will not cost the Town in dollars but the “loss of use” could cost the Town; she would like to see us meet the needs of the Little League and benefit from the high value of the land.  Councilman Gallagher stated that he doesn’t feel the Little League and Legion need as much space as they are asking for; they have retained an architect to do the planning.


Mark Williams, owner of rental property at 12 Waterside Lane (off River Road) which had flood damage from Hurricane Irene; he had dropped off a letter (10/3/11) after learning from FEMA about a National Flood Insurance Program that would break the cycle of damage-rebuild-damage. The program offers to supplement the cost of moving, elevating or demolishing a building in a flood prone area; he was told that the local town must voluntarily participate in the Increase Cost of Compliance (ICC) Program and that he should write to town officials and ask them to participate; he also came before the Board to speak about getting involved in the program.  Supervisor McDonough stated that he believed that the program was previously on the county level; he thinks he has material on it and will look into the program.


Chief Perry Soule announced that our part-time officer Scott Buckinger is being deployed with the National Guard to Afghanistan for a 14 month tour; keep him in your prayers.


COMMUNITY EVENTS:  Phyllis Noreen stated that there should have been more advertisement for the free electronics collection at the Transfer Station for permit holders; Supervisor McDonough responded that the Transfer Station accepts electronics for free all the time from permit holders; this collection was for a metal amnesty.



APPONTMENTS: A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint Leslie Treut to the position of Clerk to the Building Inspector; seconded by Councilman Hassett.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


1). ANNOUNCEMENT: The Rosendale Water/Sewer Commission is still seeking volunteers to serve on the Commission; the Climate Task Force has an opening also.  Councilwoman Greene noted that a letter of resignation should be filed with the Town Clerk so that a replacement member can be appointed since this was a duly formed committee by the Town Board.


2). TENTATIVE BUDGET:  The tentative 2012 budget was presented in the Board folders; Supervisor McDonough announced that copies would also be available at Town Hall and he would bring additional copies next week.

Jack Snyder questioned the Board about going for a bond for Water/Sewer; Supervisor McDonough responded that we have to bond to repay the money already expended to prepare the engineering reports to apply for grants/low interest loans for the sewer district; no additional money will be bonded at this time; Mr. Snyder countered that we are looking at $600,000 or more in repair/maintenance costs that are necessary.  Supervisor McDonough added that a public hearing will be set next week on a Local Law to exceed the 2% Tax Cap; the additional costs for the Bloomington Fire District (LOSAP) and Water/Sewer shortfalls will exceed the 2%; it is beneficial to have the law in place if needed.

Tim Morrison questioned whether the land on Creek Locks Road had been subdivided for the sewer department; Supervisor McDonough responded that the land has been subdivided but terms have not been finalized as to whether it can be a long term lease or sale at market value.

Councilman Hassett commented that there has to “be a way around this”; the land was a gift to the Town and it is adjacent to the sewer plant.  Jennifer Metzger asked if the transfer/sale could be done by a referendum.  Councilman Gallagher said that it should be the per-view of the Town Board to do what’s right with the land use.  Mr. Morrison said that there are 44 families in the Tillson Water District that need to buy land to expand; no one is giving us anything.

Phyllis Noreen asked if we could sell the land to the sewer district for $1; Councilman Gallagher responded that the law says we need an appraisal and must sell at “fair market value”.

Jack Snyder asked if we couldn’t give the W/S a 99 year lease for the 2 acres and do the same for the Little League.  Councilman Hassett said that we could retain ownership of the 2 acres but they would have perpetual use of the land.

Jeanne Walsh asked why only 2 acres were subdivided; Councilman Gallagher stated that was the acreage needed to expand the sewer plant and to install reed beds.  It was pointed out that the land under the Central Hudson lines can be used but no permanent structures can be built on the property (a parking lot is fine). 

Phyllis Noreen asked why the Legion would need a field of their own; Councilman Gallagher explained that this is an older group of youth and they play at a higher level than Little League therefore the field dimensions are greater; this could be a “mini” Cantine Field complex (Saugerties).


3). DISCUSSION: Recreation Center Pool.  Tara Burke, Recreation Director, told the Board that Terry Johnson told the Recreation Commission that they need to drill a well to fill the pool; the ability to fill the pool in the spring is unpredictable depending on the weather (rain riles the stream creating turbidity) and adds to the cost of operating the pool due to the increased need for vacuuming, cleaning, filtering and chemicals necessary to treat the water; the $10,000 cost could be recouped in a couple of years.  Supervisor McDonough stated that we have looked at this before and the estimate was $30,000 for potable water; he pointed out that it is not necessary to have potable (drinking quality) water for the pool; it has chlorine and other chemicals added regularly; the filters have needed to be rebuilt every year due to the sand friction which causes wear and tear.  Ann Citron noted that we also lose revenue by always opening late.  Councilman Hassett also added that a well would help us obtain grants for a new pool.  Tim Morrison noted that there are inherent risks with drilling a well; the number of gallons that can be produced per minute.  Councilman Hassett stated that he believed there is $25,000 in the Capital Reserve Pool account from which the well cost could be drawn. 

A short discussion ensued as to whether purchasing water from the Water District was feasible; it was pointed out that the cost would be $45 for the first 4,000 gallons and $4.50 for each additional 1,000 gallons (the pool needs 275,000 gallons); Councilman Minissali questioned whether the books could be balanced (the $40,000 owed to the General Fund by purchasing the water from the District; this cannot be done because they are different funds and will be in different calendar years.  Tara said that they have some volunteers that have come forward to form a committee to investigate the well and pool repairs.


A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint Victoria Mitchel, Janet Mitchel and Kristina Carr to an Ad Hoc Pool Committee; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes


A motion was made by Councilman Hassett to obtain bids for drilling a well; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


Councilman Hassett reminded Supervisor McDonough that a discussion and resolution are needed next week to set a Halloween curfew.

Councilwoman Greene asked if 1) there was any news from DEC on the HRVR project and 2) SEQRA needs be forwarded to the Planning Board; Supervisor McDonough responded there was nothing from DEC; there is a letter in Board folders from Tooher & Barone (representing Save the Lakes) which should be sent along to the Planning Board with the amendment local law.


Councilwoman Greene informed the Board that the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council is seeking a letter of support or a resolution for a regional $1 million NYSERDA grant for sustainability; they would like the 7 counties (including Ulster) to submit one application rather than bid against each other; she will bring more information next week.



                        GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #852-894 TOTALING $24,705.13

                        HIGHWAY FUND        “            #241-248         “          $  2,754.70

                        SEWER FUND             “            #155-166         “          $  8,557.08

                        WATER FUND            “                       #156-168         “          $  4,609.97

                        SPECIAL LIGHT           “            #  28-30           “                   $  2,290.89

                        CAP RES BLDG           “            # 1                     “          $       30.00

                        CAP RES SEWER        “            # 1                     “          $  5,000.00


A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher to pay the vouchers; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes


A motion was made by Councilman Minissali to adjourn at 9:02pm; seconded by Councilman Hassett.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan

                                                                                    Town Clerk