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The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McDonough at 7:30 pm at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


                        PRESENT:       Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                                Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                                Councilman Kenneth Hassett

                                                Councilman Richard Minissali   

                                                Supervisor Patrick McDonough

            ALSO PRESENT:       Carl Hornbeck, Hwy Superintendent; Jack Snyder, W/S Commissioner; Ken Oldehoff, Economic Development; Nick Mercurio, Planning Board; Perry Soule, Police Chief and a dozen residents.


PUBLIC INPUT: Jack Snyder inquired if there was any news about the stop sign that was requested for the intersection in front of St. Peter’s (Keator Avenue & James Street); Supervisor McDonough responded that he has not heard anything.  Carl Hornbeck added that Ulster County has agreed to placement of the stop sign but he doesn’t know why there is the hold up.  Mr. Snyder also questioned if there is a law pertaining to allowable ages of children on bicycles on public roads; Supervisor McDonough referred the question to Chief Soule who stated that bicyclists must follow all the rules of the road and give the right of way to vehicles but there is no age limit.  Nick Mercurio stated that a new law that was just signed which states that you “must pass (bicyclists) at a reasonable distance”.  Al Schmidt responded that when encountering bicyclists a warning should be given that you are behind them by giving a short horn toot or even stopping before passing.  A question was raised about crossing the center line when passing; Supervisor McDonough responded that it is permissible to cross the line to pass if it is safe; he asked Chief Soule if this was correct and he responded “yes”.

Jack Walsh brought up the subject of the Town renting space for offices; he wanted to bring up the possibility of renting Mulry Hall (St. Peter’s School) to consolidate all offices.  Mr. Walsh stated that he believed there could be a great savings to the Town and could afford the possibility of selling the current Town Hall before construction could begin on a new building; he feels that there is more than adequate space for all departments, the landlord would provide heat and upgrade electric panel and an additional bathroom if necessary and the rent would be less than is currently being paid for the two offices being rented.  Mr. Walsh said that Father Florez would talk with the Board; he recommended that Supervisor McDonough make contact and do a walk through to see what is available; Supervisor McDonough will make the contact and Councilman Hassett said he would be willing to accompany the Supervisor on the walk through.  Phyllis Noreen said she thought it was worth looking into because she feels that the Tillson School should not be considered as viable (she was on the committee that looked into that option about four years ago.


APPOINTMENTS:  Supervisor McDonough put forth the name of Stephanie Hasbrouck for appointment as a part-time assistant dog control officer; she would cover when Ed Hintz is unavailable.

A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint Stephanie Hasbrouck as part-time dog control officer at the rate of $10.00 per hour; seconded by Councilman Hassett.  Roll Vote:  5 Yeses.

Councilman Hassett wanted to compliment Ed Hintz for his dedication to the position; Councilman Hassett received a call at 11:30 pm for which he gave the contact information for the dog control officer; he received a call back within half an hour that Ed had already taken care of the matter; that’s promptness.


1). SURPLUS EQUIPMENT:  Carl Hornbeck informed the Board that two used vehicles from the Highway Department and one from the Police Department are being advertised on Auctions International along with assorted roof bar lights.  Bids will be accepted from August 24, 2010 until September 7, 2010; Mr. Hornbeck is hopeful that the Board will approve the bids on September 8th so the sales may be finalized quickly.


2). PURCHASE OF PAVING MACHINE: Carl Hornbeck requested approval to purchase a used 1996 Leeboy 1000B Blacktop Paver, to replace a 1980 machine for which replacement parts are unavailable,  at a cost of $7,950.00 from Hoffman Equipment Co. of Marlboro, NY.  The Highway department has been renting this machine and finds that it meets their needs; the money will come from the department equipment /budget line item.  Two additional higher price quotes will be provided.  A resolution to authorize the purchase will be presented next week.


3). PURCHASE OF BROOM ATTACHMENT:  Carl Hornbeck requested authorization to purchase a broom attachment for our Ventrac Tractor which will be used by the Highway Department and Maintenance throughout the Town; payment, $3,945.00, would be made from DA5111.2 in the 2010 budget.  A resolution will be presented to authorize the purchase next week.


4). PURCHASE OF CAB AND CHASSIS:  Carl Hornbeck requested authorization to purchase a new Ford F450 cab & chassis from Van Bortel Ford, Inc. under State Bid Contract #20774 for $25,824.79 ( 2 payments over 2 years of $12,912.40).  This will replace a 1998 Chevy 3500 one ton dump truck.  A short discussion followed about how the Highway Department has saved the tax payers over at least the last seventeen years by rebuilding vehicles with the help of mike Brown and Carl; a round of applause came forth from the attendees.


Carl Hornbeck reported for Rayne Kouhout, Recycling Coordinator, that the metal pile is gone from the Transfer Station, we received $11,196.29 so far for metal removal and an additional $2,000.00 is coming.  The metal will no longer be placed on the ground; it will be placed in bins.  A question was asked as to where this money goes; Supervisor McDonough responded that it goes into the General Fund; it was one of the few departments that generate income for the Town; it has become self-sufficient.


Bill Heavesy commented that he was happy to see that the billboard on the trailer, in Maple Hill, is gone.  Someone else responded that there are new signs; Councilman Hassett responded that he believes they are advertising the “Hooley on the Hudson” which will take place this coming weekend and then should be gone...


5). CREEK LOCKS PROPERTY:  Supervisor McDonough noted that it will October before further discussion of the Creek Locks Property comes up again; the two developers have until September 10th to submit additional information.  Supervisor McDonough said that he put this discussion on tonight’s agenda because of a flier being circulated throughout the Town that is creating a stir.

Jack Walsh asked if Birchez is awarded the Creek Locks project are they considering developing the Tillson School for a town hall; Supervisor McDonough said that it is not out of the picture and RUPCO is also agreeable to considering that alternative.  Mr. Walsh stated that he does not consider using the Tillson School a viable option; there are too many problems with the building; age, deterioration, heating plant, windows and the roof.  Mr. Walsh asked that when a developer is chosen that the Board would press for hiring union laborers; especially local laborers (his electrical union has done a lot for the Town with its festivals); he questioned some of the laborers used by RUPCO (out of county and out of state).  Supervisor McDonough stated that he personally agrees that local labor be used and that the electrical union members have done a great deal for the Town.  Councilman Hassett responded that there are a lot of non-union laborers who are unemployed and in need of the work; it is incumbent to use local labor.  Mr. Walsh said that if the Board does not demand local labor be used, they are not doing their job.

Councilwoman Greene stated that local labor was already stressed in the RFP and would continue to be stressed.

Jack Snyder asked if it is possible for the Town to become a “landlord” and obtain a mortgage, grants or bonds; build our own town hall and develop the parcel ourselves and benefit from the income rather than have a developer come in and reap all the benefits.  Supervisor McDonough said that he would check the legality of the Town being a “landlord”; we might have to form a “housing commission”.

Nick Mercurio asked how did housing become the only option of the five possible uses;  Supervisor McDonough responded that it is not the only option; we are considering housing, town hall, community gardens and public recreational access.  Mr. Mercurio stated that this scenario has been rejected twice by the residents.

Mr. Walsh and Ms. Noreen both reiterated objections to considering the Tillson School for a town hall citing the numerous problems and advised that the Board should take a “walk through”.  Ms. Noreen stated that she likes the Mulry Hall suggestion in the interim for a town hall to consolidate offices; Supervisor McDonough said that he had provided both developers with the Tillson School reports from the previous committee.

Mr. Snyder  said that the developers are there to make money for themselves not the Town; he referred to RUPCO’s presentation about building a town hall on the Creek Locks property as a wooden structure with a 50 year life expectancy; houses on James Street date from the 1800’s and are not falling down, why that short life expectancy.

Sara Gast commented that by the developers using the 581A as the funding all the tax payers will wind up paying for this without any benefit; she said “put it on the ballot”.

Nick Mercurio said this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity to reduce taxes”; he sees no tax paying opportunities having been explored; with Hudson River Valley Resorts on the horizon it is an opportunity for upscale commercial development.

Councilman Hassett stated that he agrees with a lot that has been said but he finds that every time an opportunity like this come along we become the “Town of NO’; if you fight everything long enough it will wither and die”; you have to give and take.  Councilman Hassett said the personally he wants more information; on the town hall project both developers leave us “holding the bag”.

Supervisor McDonough stated that the current RFQ and RFP are based upon feed-back from the public on the last development proposal; we are doing this as a “process” with the public.  Regarding the 581A, Supervisor McDonough said that the public gets “hosed”.

Steve Fabrico asked why the whole project could not be put before the public for a “yes or no vote” before anything more is done; find out if the public even wants this project.  Supervisor McDonough explained that the process would include a permissive referendum.

Councilwoman Greene said she would like to see the Town move forward as the developer; keep development as a traditional neighborhood; the problem is getting someone to write grants; the Board members are all very busy and are not experts.  Councilwoman Greene does not feel it would be hard to form a “housing commission”; but she stated that no matter what happens we must move forward with the water/sewer upgrades that are needed; time is very short for applying for this current round of grants.

Bill Heavesy asked if the 11 acres has already been subdivided and what is being paid for it; Supervisor McDonough stated that 2 acres has already been subdivided for the Sewer Department but has not been transferred as the opinion of our attorney is that “fair market value” must be paid.

Don Sagar stated that the country is in economic decline we must curb spending; everything costs money, this must be factored into the equation.

Cheryl ……  stated that her concern is Creek Locks Road itself, the traffic and the condition.  Cheryl said she saw the fliers around Town which border on “hysteria”; she is glad the Board is not moving forward as fast as projected; she feels we should not spend money we don’t have.

Nick Mercurio stated that the alternative of the Town bonding for a town hall would be that we would know the exact cost of the project.

Councilman Minissali addressed the audience stating that Creek Locks was not originally on the agenda but when knowledge of the flier came about the Supervisor thought time should be allotted for public discourse.

Mr. Schmidt clarified that the flier was not “hysterical” but contained facts.  Mr. Schmidt questioned that Library budget figures for salaries, how many people does that cover; the vote is tomorrow.  Supervisor McDonough said he would look into it.



Abstract #8 continued:

            SPEC. LIGHT  DIST. VOUCHER #783 TOTALING $     194.63

            RESOLUTION #5                                                         $10,084.00


Abstract #9:

            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #784-836 TOTALING $14,356.91

            HIGHWAY FUND                     #173-175                     $    774.60      

            SEWER FUND                           #125-130                     $ 3,172.85

            WATER FUND                          #130-136                     $  5,582.29


A motion was made by Councilman Hassett to pay the bills; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher to adjourn at 9:35 pm; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan

                                                                                    Town Clerk