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JUNE 9, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Supervisor McDonough at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.

            PRESENT:       Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                    Councilman Kenneth Hassett

                                    Councilman Richard Minissali

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

ALSO PRESENT: Fred Greitzer, Planning Board and ZRC; Terry Johnson, Water/Sewer Superintendent; Perry Soule, Acting Police Chief; Jack Synder, W/S commissioner.


PETITIONS: Fred Greitzer wished to voice a verbal petition that the Town Board do not meet with the ZRC next Wednesday on the Zoning Code Review Plan. He stated that the plan was not final and members of the ZRC did not have time to go over the plan and feels it is not ready for a Public Hearing. Supervisor McDonough told him it is only a public meeting not a hearing and it was just to see how far the ZRC has gotten with the plan. It would also give the town’s people a chance to have look at it so far and give opinions. Fred said the Planning Board has not had a chance to look at it and there are things in there that could open the town up for lawsuits.  Fred once again strongly asked the town not to hold the meeting. He stated it problem was not anything the ZRC did and also wanted it known that Jen Metzger was doing a good job on the committee.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Sue Boice Wick stated she FOILed on April 30, 2010 for a copy of the new survey map & contract with OSI for the sale of the property on Mountain Rd.. Sue did hear from the Records Management Officer, Joan Jordan that she was told that the town did not have them let. The question Sue had was why the minutes of Feb. 3 stated they were available. Sue also stated that she sent an appeal to the Supervisor about  the  unavailable documents on May 21,2010 with no response to date. She said she had the same problem last year with the Supervisor and a FOIL appeal, also was stalled. Supervisor McDonough answered that he is in receipt of appeal and the paperwork will be mailed out shortly.

Jack Synder wanted to know when the stop sign was going to be put in by St. Peters on James St. by the county, it was to be in the spring. Supervisor McDonough joked did they say which spring. He then said that maybe Carl could take care of it. Jack also wanted to mention that the trees & bushes by the sidewalks make it  hard to use them both on James St. and Main St.. Supervisor McDonough said maybe it is a code enforcement issue and Jack should contact Dave Massimi about it.

Frank Drake of Morgan-Keator Farm located on Hillcrest Lane off  Mountain Rd. wanted to set up an appointment to meet with the Town Board about access to his property. Supervisor McDonough said he would meet with Mr. Drake to talk it over. Karl Wick asked if Mr. Drake wants to meet with the whole board why is the Supervisor talking about a separate meeting between the two of them.  Supervisor McDonough said he sometimes meets with people to see if he can help without getting the whole board together. Fred Greitzer suggested that maybe Billy Liggans could be included with the Supervisor and Mr. Drake. Someone had asked what the problem was exactly. Supervisor McDonough stated that Mr. Drake’s property was now land locked.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS: A motion was made by Councilman Minissali to accept the minutes of the May 2nd and May 9th meetings; seconded by Councilman Hassett. Roll Vote 5 Yes.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Councilwoman Greene reported the ZRC is working hard, 2 meetings a month  trying to finish. Councilwoman Greene said what Fred and the Planning Board are questioning is the use of SIC codes. She reported the Planning Board is doing a good job and nothing to report on the Chamber.

Councilman Gallagher said the Highway Dept. was doing good and the new bucket truck is at work.

Councilman Minissali reported the Environmental Earth Fest was well attended. The Youth’s Car Show was a success, W/S still needs a commissioner. Terry Johnson Superintendent of W/S wanted to let everybody know that they found the leaks. W/S had to hire a company to come in at a cost of $1400, but once we turned off the lines where the leaks were, our storage tank start to rise. All the leaks are on private lines not our feeders so the town does not pay for repairs. Mr. Johnson would like to see the town have the company in every 3 to 4 years to do an audit of the lines. The water saved from leaks would pay for the audit.

Councilman Hassett reported Rec. Commission minutes on file. Pool to open Saturday and that an engineer from  C.T. Male looked it over and reported it was safe.

Councilman Hassett  reported that he had been working with Dave Massimi on the Burning Code and hopes to have it before the board by the end of summer.




SUPERVISOR’S FINANCIAL REPORT: Supervisor McDonough read the end balances for the month of May; the report is on file with the Town Clerk.


1) PRESENTATION:  A presentation by Mr. Michael O’Hara of Sustainable Hudson Valley on Keeping PACE with Energy Options. Mr. O’Hara said that there are financial programs available for energy saving effects to homeowners. You can save 5-15% just by behavior modification, turn off lights, turn down thermostat in winter and turn it up during summer. There is financing available for insulation and energy saving furnace and air conditioner, etc. The way it works is the town gets a municipal bond then they loan the money to homeowners. The loan is repaid by a surcharge add to the property  tax each year and the loan stays with the property until it is paid off no matter who owns it. The amount of the loan can only be 10% of property value or less. Energy contracts can be pre-qualified. The get the program started you can use the committee the town already is forming to do the audit on town owned buildings. Councilwoman Greene wanted to know if the board could discuss the resolution on the Sustainable Energy Financing Program while Michael was still here to answer question the board might have. After a short question and answer session the board decide that Supervisor McDonough would make a few changes and bring like removing a couple where as sections and vote on it next week. Councilwoman Greene suggested they also find out where to mail the resolution.


2) A discussion was held on the proposals submitted for the Wastewater facilities. Councilwoman Greene said one proposal to her seems a little general and the other more detailed. Supervisor McDonough  wanted to give the board members time to look them over and bring back for discussion next week. The board wanted to know what exactly was asked for from the town. Supervisor McDonough will e-mail the board members the letter that went out to the companies. Councilman Hassett questioned if the company was not successful in getting the grant money would the town have to pay for the grant writer.

Victor Cornelius of Endeavor, Inc. was in attendance and said if before you get grant money you need to repair something if you borrow the money can come out of the grant, but if the money is taking out of Capital Reserve you do not get it back. Perry Soule said he does the grants for the police department and you have to remember that most deadlines are only 45 - 60 days after the grant is announced. So the town needs to have all the plans  in shovel ready condition before the grant is announced. Councilman Minissali had heard that RUPCO just received a grant for $40,000 from Office of Community Renewal, this is something the town would also be legible for. Councilman Hassett wanted to thank Victor Cornelius for coming and told him you know where already behind. Victor told the town they need to lay out what is needed for the next 2 years.


3) RESOLUTION 06-2010- #1 Climate Smart Community Task Force. A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution, seconded by Councilman Minissali. Roll Vote:

                        Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                        Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                        Councilman Hassett                  Yes

                        Councilman Minissali                Yes

                        Supervisor McDonough            Yes


4) RESOLUTION 06-2010- #2  Wallkill Valley/ Rondout Valley Rail Trail Cooperation.

A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution, seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Councilman Minissali asked if we knew if the other towns listed had agreed. Councilwoman Greene answered that we were the last to sign. Councilman Hassett wanted to know if we could get it all connected with Walkway over the Hudson and turn it over to the State Parks. Roll Vote:

                        Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                        Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                        Councilman Hassett                  Yes

                        Councilman Minissali                Yes

                        Supervisor McDonough            Yes

5) Resolution 6-2010 #3 Authorizing Copier Service Agreement with Atlantic for Justice Court. A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution, seconded by Councilman Hassett. Roll Vote:

                        Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                        Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                        Councilman Hassett                  Yes

                        Councilman Minissali                Yes

                        Supervisor McDonough            Yes


Fred Greitzer asked can you make some decision on my petition. Supervisor McDonough  said we are going on with the meeting, but we are not making any decision until after the Planning Board & the ZRC look it over. We only want to keep the process moving along. Councilman Gallagher said the incompetent consultant it what put it behind schedule.


6) EXECUTIVE SESSION: Supervisor McDonough made a motion to enter Executive Session at 9:10 pm for the purpose of possible appointment or employment of a particular person, seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.

Out of Executive Session at 10:15 pm; decision to hire Robert Eggering as a Part-time Police Officer @  $15.40 per hour. Also to hire Joseph Murray and Jeffrey Tirsch as Police Trainees at a rate of $7.25 per hour. Motion by all. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.



            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S  #508-588 TOTALING $39,796.90

            HIGHWAY FUND                       #126-142                     $11,088.56

            WATER FUND                             # 83-91                       $   2,766.62

            SEWER FUND                             # 80-88                        $   3203.57


 A motion to pay vouchers at 9:11 pm by Councilman Gallagher, seconded by Councilman Hassett. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


A motion to adjourn at 10:20 pm by Councilwoman Greene, seconded by Councilman Hassett. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        Debra Tierney

                                                                        Deputy Town Clerk