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JANUARY 19, 2010


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McDonough at 5:00 pm at Town Hall, 424 Main Street with the Pledge to the Flag.


            PRESENT:       Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene (arrived at 5:10 pm)

                                    Councilman Richard Minissali

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

            ABSENT:        Councilman Kenneth Hassett

ALSO PRESENT:       Doris Fleming, Carol Aldridge, Deborah Checchia, Debra Tierney,                                Joan Jordan



                                    General Fund Account – All in order

                                    Highway Fund Account – All in order

                                    Justice Pape Fine/Bail Accounts – All in order                          

                                    Justice Vosper Fine/Bail Accounts – Fine Account Check #375 for                                                                                                      $285.00 changed to $185.00.

                                                                                               Carrying negative balance of                                                                                                     $-108.34 from 9/30/09 Stmnt.

                                                                                               No ckbk bals carried f’ward

                                    Payroll Account – All in order  

                                    Tax Collector Account – All in order

                                    Town Clerk Account – All in order

                                    Sewer Fund Account – All in order

                                    Water Fund Account – All in order


It was noted that there were no cancelled checks for these accounts with exception of Vosper Fine Account.  All accounts were considered to be in balance with exception of Vosper Fine where it was noted that a negative $-108.34 was carried forward and a change was made on check #375 from $285.00 to $185.00 with no indication as to whether the amount was added back into the account since no balances were carried forward in the checkbook.


A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to approve the audit of books as reported; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Absent.


A motion to adjourn was made at 6:20 pm by Councilman Gallagher; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Absent.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,