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NOVEMBER 4, 2009


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McDonough at 7:30pm at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.

Supervisor McDonough requested all remain standing for a “moment of silence” in memory of Phil Terpening who passed away recently; he was a Councilman, Supervisor and Legislator representing Rosendale for many years.


                        PRESENT:       Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                                Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                                Councilman Richard Minissali

                                                Supervisor Patrick McDonough

                        EXCUSED:      Councilman Kenneth Cluen

            ALSO PRESENT:       Andy Buboltz, Acting Police Chief; Doris Fleming, Bookkeeper; Terry Johnson, Water Superintendent; Ken Hassett, Councilman, elect; Billy Liggan, Chamber of Commerce.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: There were no public comments.


RESIGNATION:  Ed Maestro, resignation from the Environmental Commission.

A motion was made by Councilman Minissali to accept the resignation of Ed Maestro from the Environmental Commission with regrets; seconded by Councilwoman Greene, also with regrets.  Roll Vote:  4 Yes, 1 Excused.

1). ANNOUNCEMENT: We are seeking volunteers for the Recreation Commission and also a member for the Environmental Commission.


2). PUBLIC HEARING: The public hearing for the 2010 Preliminary Budget was opened by the Town Clerk reading the Notice of Public Hearing at 7:35pm.  Supervisor McDonough stated that the budget is being reviewed and will probably change before the budget is adopted next week; he stated he has been advised that the mortgage tax revenues will probably be “abysmal” so we should probably adjust our anticipated revenues downward.  No one had any comments at this point so Supervisor McDonough said he would hold the hearing open and move on to other items on the agenda.


Supervisor McDonough indicated that more money will need to be allocated for engineering studies so that if more “stimulus money” becomes available we will have “shovel ready” projects.  Councilman Minissali stated that he feels that water/sewer engineering is “critical”.  Ken Hassett asked about the “reed beds” at the sewer treatment plant; Supervisor McDonough said that is still viable along with photovoltaic panels for the sewer plant for which we need plans.  Ken also asked about the sludge project with the City of Kingston; Supervisor McDonough stated that he has had conversation with Mayor Sottile and it is still something they would both like to see come to fruition; the transportation of the sludge needs to be addressed; it would be a benefit to both the City and the Town. 


3). BUDGETARY TRANSFERS:  A resolution will be presented next week to bring those accounts into balance.


4). BUDGET AMENDMENT WATER DISTRICT:  A resolution will be presented next week to amend the Water District budget for 2010.  The amendment is just to better display the funds in a more acceptable accounting manner. 


5). DELINQUENT WATER LEVIES:  A resolution will be presented next week to allow delinquent water and sewer monies to be re-levied onto the County tax bills; a complete list will be attached to the resolution.


6). HIGHWAY COLLECTIVE BARGAINING:  A resolution will be presented next week to approve the collective bargaining agreement with the Rosendale Highway Dept.; the membership has already ratified the agreement.   Supervisor McDonough thanked Councilman Gallagher for his assistance on the agreement; he stated that four sessions and the agreement was reached.  Councilman Minissali stated for the record that he is a member of the teamsters union (not this particular union unit) and may therefore recuse himself from voting if the Board thinks it is advisable; Supervisor McDonough stated that he feels by having his membership on the record should be sufficient.


7). 2010 BUDGET ADOPTION:  A resolution will be presented next week to adopt the 2010 Town of Rosendale Budget.


8). PICKLE FESTIVAL SITE PLAN:  Billy Liggan presented a plat layout of the Recreation Center grounds to amend the Site Plan previously given to Town Board members for review.  The plan will be acted upon next week.


9). DISCUSSION: Water/Sewer District Rate Increase. Supervisor McDonough stated that the Water/Sewer Commissioners have sent a letter to the Town Board (in folders) recommending rate increase proposals to alleviate the current financial deficit.   

The current structure is: Water=$45.00 minimum first 5,000 gallons/$4.50 per 1,000 after minimum; Sewer=$65.00 minimum first 5,000 gallons/$4.50 per 1,000 after minimum.  The Commissioner’s presented three options; they recommend going with option #2 which would raise the water rate to $65.00, the same as sewer, and reduce the minimum from 5,000 gallons to 3,000.  This rate would generate $63,800 pr/yr for the water district and $12,600 for the sewer district; the estimated increased cost to customers would be $150.00 per/yr over current rates (for minimums) and possibly encourage conversation.

Councilman Gallagher noted that the rates have been raised twice since 2004; Councilman Minissali said that the situation is critical and something needs to be done. Terry Johnson noted that the High Falls Water District has written into their Code that the rates are reviewed annually.  Supervisor McDonough noted that we will have to hold a public hearing on a rate increase and would have to hold a separate public hearing to make an annual review part of the Code.

CORRESPONDENCE:  .Supervisor McDonough brought to the Board’s attention a letter from Dave Massimi, Code Enforcement Officer, related to the change in regulations on “open burning” issued by DEC.  Dave recommends looking at our current Codes since they allow those things now banned by DEC; a public hearing will be necessary to change our Code.  There will be more information and discussion in the future.

Councilwoman Greene stated that people want to know what to do with their leaves now that they can’t burn them; Ken Hassett also said that we should take a look at this and look for other solutions besides using just the Transfer Station; there are other sites in Town that could be used for “leaf drop” and residents could ultimately use the compost.


A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher at 8:05pm to close the public hearing on the 2010 Preliminary Budget; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Excused.


1.      Fri, Nov 6, 12 to 4pm – Electronics Recycling for Businesses, 400 Stockade Dr, Kingston

2.      Sat, Nov 7, 9am-12pm – Electronics Recycling for Individuals, 400 Stockade Dr., Kingston

3.      Wed, Nov 11 – VETERAN’S DAY –  Town Offices Closed

4.      Thurs, Nov 12, 7:30pm – Town Board Meeting, Rosendale Rec Center

5.      Thurs & Fri, Nov 26 & 27 – Thanksgiving Holiday –Town Offices Closed



            ABSTRACT #10 VOUCHER’S    #1001-1002 TOTALING $  9,358.84

            GENERAL FUND        “               #1003-1047          “           $17,020.60

            HIGHWAY FUND       “               #  231-244            “           $21,490.69

            SEWER FUND             “               #  154-160            â€œ           $     948.09

            WATER FUND            “               #  147-152            “           $     702.88

            VAN FUND                  “               #      2                   “           $       22.20


A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher to pay the vouchers; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Excused.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to adjourn at 8:25pm; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Excused.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan, Town Clerk