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TOWN OF ROSENDALE                                                       DRAFT




The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McDonough at 7:30 pm at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


            PRESENT:       Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                    Councilman Kenneth Cluen

                                    Councilman Richard Minissali

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

ALSO PRESENT:       Jack Snyder, W/S Commission; Sue Boice Wick and Ken Hassett and two reporters (Kingston Freeman & Blue Stone Press).


PUBLIC INPUT:  Sue Wick asked “to whom is a FOIL appeal addressed”; Supervisor McDonough responded that “(he) the supervisor was the person; Ms. Wick then handed him the appeal letter.  Ms. Wick then stated that the “reservoir property is part of the land being sold to Open Space Conservancy”; Supervisor McDonough said “it is not”.  Ms. Wick stated that she has been an expert title searcher since 1988 and the reservoir is included in the sale.  A verbal rebuttal ensued with Ms. Wick ending that she “was putting the Town of notice”.


RESIGNATIONS:  Supervisor McDonough stated that Naja Kraus was resigning from the Environmental Commission but would remain active with the Commission as time permitted; also Ernest Klepeis was resigning from the Youth Commission because he is leaving for college.  Councilwoman Greene stated that Naja’s absence would be a great lose to the Environmental Commission.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to accept the resignations of Naja Kraus and Ernest Klepeis with regrets; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


APPOINTMENTS:  Supervisor McDonough announced that there are two appointments that he would like to make; Christopher Townsend for the Youth Commission and Ken Oldehoff to the ZRC from the Economic Development Commission to replace Deidre McCluskey.

A motion was made by Councilman Cluen to appoint Christopher Townsend to the Youth Commission and Ken Oldehoff to the ZRC; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote:  5 Yes.


1). ANNOUNCEMENT: Supervisor McDonough announced that we are still seeking a Recreation Commissioner, an Alternate to the Planning Board and a Rosendale Commissioner for the KAPA(Kingston Area Public Access) Board.  Councilman Minissali may have a lead on someone for the KAPA.  Anyone interested should contact the Supervisor or the Town Clerk and fill out a volunteer application form.


2). It was announced that the Rosendale Environmental Commission will be sponsoring two free home energy workshops; Thursday, September 24 and Thursday, October 22, 2009, 7:30 pm at the Rosendale Community Center.


3). Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Worker Health Insurance Initiative – A resolution will be presented next week which will authorize the Town Board to allow volunteer firefighters and emergency services workers who are Rosendale residents to buy into the health insurance plan offered by the Town’s insurance carrier at their own expense.  A discussion took place during which it was noted that there has been an amendment to NYS law which allows the offer of participation in State Employee plans through a municipality.  Ken Hassett asked if the Town would collect any administrative fees from the volunteers; Supervisor McDonough responded that he didn’t feel the cost for administration would warrant any fees being charged to the volunteers, the Town would absorb them.  All felt that this offer might help with recruiting and retaining volunteers in these vital services.


4). Discussion of New 4WD Police Vehicle:  Supervisor McDonough stated that acting Police Chief Andy Buboltz has informed him that they have blown the engine in the current Durango and will need to replace it for the winter, off-road incidents and towing the seatbelt safety trailer.  Councilman Cluen asked if this vehicle would be used for routine patrols; Supervisor responded that it would be used during the winter routinely and once a week the remainder of the year to maintain.  Concerns were raised about “wear and tear” on the vehicle and if they are being properly used and maintained.  Councilwoman Greene asked about the possibility of replacing only the engine; Supervisor responded they have been given a figure of $7500.00 with no guarantees to replace the engine (also the transmission must be replaced which is included).  Ken Hassett asked if the purchase would be covered by the Police Capital Account; Supervisor McDonough said the cost under state bid would not exceed $27,000.00; the cost of switching equipment would be another $3,500.00 (+/-); the monies available through the Capital Account, Equipment line and existing grant money that would be available would be $13,330.00 (+/-) leaving the balance to be financed.  Supervisor McDonough also noted that they will be asking for another vehicle in the 2010 budget cycle.  Mr. Hassett noted that there is still an big unknown expense hanging over the Police budget from the ongoing union negotiations; he suggested that they either get the

4 WD now and no vehicle next year; Councilman Minissali suggested that perhaps we could delay the purchase of a new Durango until the first of the year in the new budget cycle since we don’t really have heavy winter weather until then.  The discussion digressed to other issues within the Police budget and protocols until it was determined that more discussion should take place with the Police Commission.  The Town Board reached a consensus that the Police Commission should hold a public forum or two so as to receive public input on the future of the police department and how they would like to see their community served.


Supervisor McDonough informed the Board that there will have to be a Special Meeting prior to our October Workshop so that the Town Clerk can present the proposed budget to the Board; he does not expect any other business to be conducted; he will determine a date and notify all as soon as possible.


5). EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Supervisor McDonough moved that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss the possible hiring of a certain person at 8:45 pm; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote:  5 Yes.


Out of Executive Session at 8:55 pm with the decision to go back to the Police Commission for more information before any hiring takes place.



            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #803-862 TOTALING $11,668.31

            HIGHWAY FUND                      #174-191                     $25,605.28

            SEWER FUND                            #120-130                     $  1,956.47

            WATER FUND                           #113-123                     $   1,254.04

            CAP RESER POOL                    #1                                 $      857.50


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to pay the bills; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


A motion was made by Councilman Minissali to adjourn at 9:00 pm; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote:  5Yes.


                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,



                                                                                                Joan S. Jordan

                                                                                                Town Clerk