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TOWN OF ROSENDALE                                                           


MAY 6, 2009


The meeting was convened at 7:31pm by Supervisor McDonough at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


            PRESENT:       Councilman Kenneth Cluen (arrived at 7:38 pm)

                                    Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                    Councilman Richard Minissali (arrived at 8:15 pm)

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

ALSO PRESENT: Jim McIver, C.T. Male; Jennifer Metzger, Enviro. Com.; Denise Kaye, Economic Dev.; Billy Liggan, Planning Brd.; and about four other residents.


PUBLIC INPUT:  There was no public input.


RESIGNATIONS:  Supervisor McDonough announced the resignation of Larry Allen as part time water operator; he has found full time employment in his field; Terry Johnson is searching for a replacement person.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to accept the resignation of Larry Allen as part time water operator; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote: 3 Yes, 2 Absent.

Councilwoman Greene stated she wanted to acknowledge Terry Johnson, Water Superintendent; he has been a great resource to the Town Board.  Supervisor McDonough also commented that we are fortunate to have Terry and we also receive compliments from outside the Town on his knowledge, courtesy and demeanor.


1). ANNOUNCEMENT: Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) is looking for a volunteer from the Town of Rosendale to serve on their commission.  Supervisor McDonough noted that KAPA has acquired new studio facilities and are looking forward to being back on the air within six weeks. KAPA has a regularly scheduled meeting on May 14th, provided two new commissioners are appointed to have a quorum.


2). PUBLIC HEARING: Revising Chapter 75 “Zoning” of the Town of Rosendale Code by Adding Article XII in Order to Provide Professional Review Expense Reimbursement Provisions for the Town Board Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.  The Notice of Public Hearing was read by the Town Clerk.  Supervisor McDonough gave a brief background that this should have been done back in the 1980’s when the Code was amended; this will allow for a seamless process.


3). PRESENTATION: Victor Melendez, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., representing the Rondout Creek Watershed Council gave a presentation to encourage the Town to adopt the intermunicipal agreement regarding “Rondout Watershed Restoration and Management Plan”. It was noted that adopting the intermunicipal agreement has no monetary obligations and towns my “opt out” later and does not interfere of diminish any municipal powers, authority or regulatory authority of any participating municipality.


4). RESOLUTION 5-2009-#1 Green Infrastructure Grant Funds for Water/Sewer District, Contract for Professional Services.  The services of C.T. Male of Latham, NY will be secured for grant writing services to prepare five (5) separate proposals for $3,000.00 to assist in applying for Stimulus Funding for improvements to the Rosendale Water and Sewer Districts.  Councilwoman Greene stated that this could be a ½ million dollar project for which we could receive up to 80-90 % funding; some previous engineering costs maybe covered and we can use in-kind services for the remainder.  Again Ms. Greene thanked Terry Johnson for reaching out in a short time frame to provide needed background and statistical data.

A motion was presented by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote:

                                    Councilman Cluen                     Yes

                                    Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                                    Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                                    Councilman Minissali                Yes

                                    Supervisor McDonough            Yes


5). RESOLUTION 5-2009-#2 Authorizing the Supervisor to Enter into Agreement with Behan Planning Associates.  The Town Board determined it was necessary to hire a consultant to assist the Zoning Review Committee (ZRC).  The ZRC made preliminary recommendations to hire Gilmour Associates; after further review they recommend the Town cease negotiations with Gilmour Planning and enter into negotiations with Behan Planning to affect a mutually agreeable contract for such consulting services.  Councilman Gallagher stated that Behan should be held to the eight (8) months for delivering an adoptable plan.

A motion was presented by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote:

                                    Councilman Cluen                     Yes

                                    Councilman Gallagher   Yes (limit time to 8 months)

                                    Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                                    Councilman Minissali                Yes

                                    Supervisor McDonough            Yes


Councilwoman Greene stated that she hoped all the work put into the draft with Gilmour will be accepted by Behan; Councilman Gallagher said that they should be held to the eighteen (18) months with perhaps an incentive to expedite or penalty for delay.  Supervisor McDonough stated that he would do the same as with Gilmour on the contract, about $44,000.00.


A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher at 8:30 pm to close the public hearing; seconded by Councilman Minissali.   Roll Vote:  5 Yes.


6). A resolution will be presented next week to adopt  Local Law #3 of 2009 to Revise the Town Code Updating Professional Review Expense Reimbursement and Escrow Provisions.


7). A resolution will be presented next week to appoint an alternate member to the ZBA.  One application, Christopher Pryslopski, has been submitted.  Supervisor McDonough stated that since ZBA does not have an alternate and Mr. Pryslopski doesn’t have a great deal of time this seems to be a perfect match.


8). A resolution will be presented to request approval from NYS DOT for improvement  to signage along Main Street/ Route 213 to the Town Parking Lot consistent with statewide parking signage designs.


9). A resolution will be presented next week to renew the service and maintenance agreements for copy machines at the Justice Court and Town Hall.


10). A resolution will be presented next week with Stand-by Generators/Gen-Plus for service and maintenance and testing of the emergency generator for $375.00.


11). A resolution will be presented next week to authorize agreement for Municity Software upgrade for the Building Department at a total cost of $7,100.00; the program upgrade is $5,900.00 and $1,200.00 annual support.  This program will replace Jungle Laser.  Councilwoman Greene questioned whether this was Geomatica and is this compatible with ESRI (system used by County and most schools, colleges etc. in area). 

Supervisor McDonough said this program does not include GIS; he feels he can get that through state bid cheaper; he was warned that it must be ESRI compatible or it will not work and also must be user friendly.


12). A resolution will be presented next week Urging the NYS Legislature and NYS Board of Elections to Enact Laws, Rules and Regulations that Specifically Authorize the Continued Use of Lever-style Voting Machines.  It was acknowledged that this is futile but we want to register our belief that lever-style machines are more accurate, dependable and tamper proof than the machines mandated under Help America Vote Act (HAVA).


13). A resolution will be presented next week in Support of Recreation Department Summer Programs and Classes.  Aquoga (Aqua Aerobics & Yoga), senior yoga, and tennis clinics will be offered on a trial basis through August 12th.  A proposal for conducting the classes was submitted by Heidi Jewett, Recreation Manager


14). A resolution will be presented next week for Climate Smart Community Pledge.  A ten step process based on the belief that climate change poses a real and increasing threat to our local and global environments.


15). DISCUSSION:  Set a date to meet with Bloomington Fire Department for a public hearing on renewal of their contract.  Supervisor McDonough is going to see why they



want to rush for a meeting now; in the past we have held the hearing in September; will try to work out date that is mutually agreeable.



1                    .Sat., May 9, 10am-5pm – Rosendale EARTHFEST & EXPO at Rec Center

2                    Wed., May 13th, 7:30 pm – Town Board Meeting, Rondout Valley School Budget Presentation

3                    Sat., May 16, 9am – “CLEAN SWEEP” w/ Rosendale Women’s Club at Rec Center, Volunteers needed

4                    Sun., May 17 9am-3pm – Rosendale Youth Center CAR SHOW at Rec Center

5                    Sun., May 24, 10am – 4pm – Commitment to Kids Car Show, Bloomington Firehouse

6                    Mon., May 25 – Memorial Day Observed, TOWN OFFICES CLOSED



            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #363-413 TOTALING $29,286.93

            HIGHWAY FUND                      #  86-106                     $11,281.17

            SEWER FUND                            #  58-63                       $     898.65

            WATER FUND                           #  57-61                       $     668.57

            SOLAR FUND                            #    1-4                         $  1,575.97

            CAP RES SEWER                      #    1                             $  8,747.78

            SHAWANGUNK PART              #    1                             $       99.32


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to pay the bills; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


A motion was made by Councilman Minissali to adjourn at 9:15 pm; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote: 5 Yes.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan ,Town Clerk