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FEBRUARY 4, 2009


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Supervisor McDonough at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


            PRESENT:       Councilman Kenneth Cluen

                                    Councilman Robert Gallagher

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

            EXCUSED:      Councilman Richard Minissali

ALSO PRESENT:       About 12 residents, 2 Boy Scouts and 2 reporters.


PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Joan Ryan of Tillson stated that she is very upset about the condition of  the Route 32 Bridge; pot holes are endangering motorists.  Mrs. Ryan said that she made phone calls but nothing is being done.


David Reed of Route 213 wanted to address the situation of housing for seniors; he said that seniors have a lot to contribute to the community and not enough is being done to allow seniors to “age in place”.  He cited problems with trying to subdivide houses to provide “accessory apartments”; the prospects are bleak as codes now stand.  He further stated that this situation does not only impact seniors, young people making $18.00 per hour are also impacted; they have to work 52 days without a day off to afford an apartment renting for $759.00 per month; he asked that the Town consider making changes so seniors could subdivide homes into apartments for the young which would help both the young and old.  Mr. Reed cited further concerns related to the problem.  Councilwoman Greene suggested that Mr. Reed attend the ZRC meetings and present his concerns to them as well as to senior groups (he stated that he spoke to the Rosendale Seniors in October).  Supervisor McDonough said that he would look into forming a commission to find the housing needs for seniors and the young.  Mr. Reed stated that the Town of Hurley has a commission and are way ahead of the curve; Mr. Reed has information which he will share.

Kevin Hines, former Deputy Fire Marshall, stated that Rosendale follows the New York State Fire & Safety Code which has very strict requirements for accessory accommodations.


RESIGNATION:  Bea Havranek has submitted her resignation has Special Prosecutor due to a change in her position with Ulster County.

A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher to accept the resignation of Bea Havranek as Special Prosecutor; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Excused.


1).  REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS:  Supervisor McDonough announced that all Boards and Commissions are still seeking volunteer applications; appointments will be made next week.


2).  PUBLIC HEARING: To Consider Extending a Moratorium on the Permitting, Construction and/or Installation of Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers.

The Public Hearing was opened at 7:50 pm with the Town Clerk reading the Notice of Public Hearing.  Supervisor McDonough stated that would be a three (3) month extension of the current moratorium; we have worked on the regulations and will have a public hearing next month on the local law; the moratorium is running out and this will give us extra time in case any major revisions need to be done.

Paul Costa said there have been no new applications so there should be no objections.

Supervisor McDonough asked for any comments; with none being presented he said that the hearing would be held open but we would move on to other agenda items.


4).  RESOLUTION 2-2009-#1 Appointment of Alternate Member to the Town of Rosendale Planning Board.  The resolution was presented to appoint Nick Mercurio as Alternate Planning Board Member so there will be continuity on the Board.

A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint Nick Mercurio as Alternate Planning Board Member; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote:

                        Councilman Cluen                     Yes

                        Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                        Councilwoman Greene  Yes

                        Councilman Minissali                Excused

                        Supervisor McDonough            Yes


5).  A resolution will be presented next week to announce a public hearing to “Regulate the Operation and Installation of Hydronic Heaters and Other Heating Appliances.


6).  A resolution will be presented next week to “Adopt the Route 32 Corridor Guidelines and Standards as an Authorized Planning Document”.  Councilwoman Greene stated that they are to meet tomorrow night with the Planning Board; she said that she gave them her word “if more time was needed it would be granted”; Supervisor McDonough concurred.


7).  A resolution will be presented next week to allow the “Purchase of Plow Packages for Two Town Trucks”.  Carl Hornbeck obtained three price quotes and the lowest being Albany Avenue Garage, Kingston, NY at a cost of $3,940.00 each; the trucks are the 2009 Ford F350 in the Highway fleet and the 2009 Ford F250 at the Transfer Station.


8).  DISCUSSION: Agreement for Consulting Services for ZRC.  Councilwoman Greene stated that the committee needs more funding than was allotted in the current budget; $25,000.00  plus if we receive the $10,000.00 from the grant which we have applied for.  The review was to be completed in eighteen (18) months as per Councilman Gallagher when he was Supervisor.  Supervisor McDonough said that the budget would also be addressed in the next budget cycle or we will do as much as we can afford.


9).  DISCUSSION:  Recreation Concession Stand.  Heidi Jewett, Recreation Center Manager, had submitted options and recommendations for the operation of the concession stand for the 2009 season.  The options are:

1.      Do nothing.  The recommendation is that this is NOT FEASIBLE.

2.      The Town Recreation Dept. assumes operational control and responsibility of the stand.  Recommendation – Luke Warm.

3.      Lease the Concession to an Independent Third Party – Best Option.


Councilman Cluen inquired if Heidi had spoken with Doug Olympia (former lessee) about exercising his “first option”; Supervisor McDonough said that Doug had no “first option”, it has run out.  Cal Rider asked if it had been contracted out; response was yes. Paul Costa asked if the building has an alarm system; he was told it does not; he would have concern with the down turn of the economy that it would be a target for vandalism.  Ken Hassett recommended going with a private contractor.


Joan Ryan asked if the Assessor’s Office moved; she was told that it has, its behind Bill Brook’s Barber Shop at 371 Main Street; the phone number and mailing address remain the same.


Supervisor McDonough made announcement about “bats”; Ulster County Health Dept. has had incidents of bats leaving hibernation early again this year.  Literature is available at Town Hall.  If anyone finds a bat or comes in contact with a bat they should call the Ulster County Health Dept. for advice on what to do.


Paul Costa announced that the “peanut butter” contamination problem has reached Dutchess County; everyone should be on guard of peanut paste in other food products.


Ken Cluen stated there will be a Sweetheart Pancake Breakfast on February 14 at the High Falls Community Church as a fundraiser for Sean Letus to raise money to participate in the “People to People” program.


CLOSE OF PUBLIC HEARING:  Prior to the closing of the public hearing, Paul Costa asked if at the end of three (3) months would the moratorium “sunset” or have to be rescinded; Supervisor McDonough said he thought it would “sunset” but will check with attorney to be sure.

A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to close the pubic hearing at 8:23 pm; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Excused.


3). RESOLUTION 02-2009-#2  Adopting a Local Law, Extending a Three Month Moratorium on the Permitting, Construction and Installation of Outdoor Wood Boilers.

A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote:

                        Councilman Cluen                     Yes

                        Councilman Gallagher   Yes

                        Councilwoman Greene Yes

                        Councilman Minissali                Excused

                        Supervisor McDonough            Yes



10). EXECUTIVE SESSION:  A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough at 8:35 pm to enter into Executive Session to discuss possible litigation that the Town might bring; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote:  4 Yes, 1 Excused.


Out of Executive Session at 8:57 pm, no decisions made.



            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #65-119* TOTALING $25,667.78

            HIGHWAY FUND                      #  7-28                         $30,386.53

            WATER FUND                           #  9-13                         $     411.60

            SEWER FUND                            # 12-14                        $     218.33

*Did not include voucher #118


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to pay the vouchers; seconded by Councilman Cluen.  Roll Vote:  4 Yes; 1 Excused.


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to adjourn at 9:07 pm; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote:  4 Yes, 1 Excused.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan

                                                                                    Town Clerk