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TOWN OF ROSENDALE TOWN BOARD                                            DRAFT


NOVEMBER 5, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McDonough at 7:30 PM at the Rosendale Community Center with the Pledge to the Flag.


            PRESENT:       Councilman Kenneth Cluen

                                    Councilman Robert Gallagher   

                                    Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene

                                    Councilman Richard Minissali

                                    Supervisor Patrick McDonough

ALSO PRESENT:      About 15 residents.


PUBLIC COMMENTS:  John Maylie asked if Supervisor McDonough had received an answer as to whether the IMAR property has been transferred to the Town.  Supervisor McDonough responded that it appears that we have the property but IMAR did not file the transfer; we will be doing the filing.  Councilwoman Greene asked for a follow-up on the dam on that property; the risk has been listed as moderate but it’s questionable as to how the rating is done.  Supervisor McDonough stated that he has requested DEC to provide old maps and etc so a viable assessment can be made.


APPOINTMENTS; Supervisor McDonough stated that the court has requested that another security officer be appointed to cover the lapses in coverage presently being incurred do to scheduling conflicts.  The application of John J. Paterno was reviewed and accepted by the Board.

A motion was made by Councilman Cluen to appoint John J. Paterno as a court security officer; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote:  5 Yeses.


1).  ANNOUNCEMENT: Supervisor McDonough stated that they are still seeking volunteers for the Water/Sewer Commission; no volunteers have come forward and the Commission has not been able to hold meetings do to a lack of quorum for some months.  Supervisor McDonough said that he will be exploring the possibility of the Town Board becoming the governing body since the Commission is merely an advisory body and all decisions are made by the Town Board; Councilwoman Greene asked that this be done sooner rather than later as there is a lot of advisory work to be done.  Supervisor McDonough and Councilman Gallagher advised that this change would probably need a referendum passed by the residents of the districts; this will be looked into.


2).  PUBLIC HEARING 2009 BUDGET:  The notice of public hearing was read by the Town Clerk.  Supervisor McDonough announced that before he opened the hearing to public comment he wanted to clarify the information contained in a Kingston Freeman article which erroneously stated the salary of the Supervisor as $82,810 was not true and that figures for some other departments was also incorrect; the present salary of the Supervisor is $25,496, the previous figure was the total budget for the Justice department and most of the other figures were for the total department budgets not just salary; the article was badly written.  Supervisor McDonough opened the hearing for public comment:

Betsy Tuel asked where was the budget line requested for the ZRC (Zoning Review Committee) for legal and consulting work;  Supervisor McDonough responded that it would be found included in the legal fees (A1421.4) and the Zoning Board of Appeals budget lines; he further stated that we are hoping to obtain revenues of$16,000 in the form of grant money.

Bob Anderson asked how many of the Board members were on fixed income, he believed only one was; how does the Board expect those on fixed income to come up with the difference between the present budget and the proposed, it doesn’t add up.  Mr. Anderson said that people have to choose between food and heat, they can’t pay higher taxes.  Supervisor McDonough said that he would personally take this into consideration and doesn’t take the matter lightly; State and County fees will be down so Town revenues will be down.

Henry Jordan asked why the Supervisors salary increase is proposed to be $4,000 which equals a 16% increase, have to hold the line.  Mr. Jordan said that we have to watch hiring full time employees because of the cost of benefits; two part timers could be used and no benefits have to be added.  He was also not happy with the appraisal fees under the Assessor’s line; Supervisor McDonough noted that the figures in that line would be significantly reduced because the fees for reval were already included in this year’s budget and could be backed out for next year.  Mr. Jordan stated that the Board knew that salaries when they took office and should hold them to that standard.

Carolyn Brancato requested that the Board hold the budget to last year’s figures and not increase it.  Ms. Brancato feels that the police budget is outrageous; we already pay for coverage by the County Sheriff and the State Police.  Councilman Gallagher stated that we are getting to where we will have to cut services; we are 5.3 miles from the multi-million dollar Jail Complex which is 1.3 miles from our Town line, do we need police department; the Highway department didn’t pave this year instead they did drainage work because of the high cost of materials and it may be the same next year.  We donated money to the Marbletown Rescue Squad; we might have to look at that again even though it is very worthwhile.  Councilman Gallagher complimented Supervisor McDonough for getting the budget down from the original 29% increase to the present 9.10%; the Police department takes up about $600,000 of the total budget.  Councilman Cluen added that the Town Board can not eliminate the Police force; this must be done by petition from the public and a referendum (vote).  Betsy Tuel asked what constitutes the force; response was 3 full time officers, 4 part time officers, 1 clerk and a part time Chief.

John Maylie stated that he would like to see the increase figure down to between 5% and 5 ½%.  Mr. Maylie went through the General Fund noting where high increases appeared and said that they should be looked at closely; justice, Assessor, Police, Dog Control, Home Relief, Economic Assistance, Environmental, and Recycling stood out; under Highway he cited Snow Removal, Other Governmental, Repairs; these categories should all be looked at very closely.  Councilman Gallagher defended the repairs to machinery and vehicles done by the Highway department, it costs 1/6th of new vehicles but only so much can be done before you have to purchase new; snow removal costs are up due to the increased cost of salt; other government charge backs relate to fuel supplied to other departments for which they reimburse Highway.

Mr. Jordan asked what the $9,400 in unallocated funds was for; he was told we have to hold that money to cover back pay when the union contracts are signed; the pay is retroactive to January 1, 2008 he also asked why the dog control expenses were so high; the response was that we have to board the dogs out and some of them are not easily adopted therefore they are held for a period of time before being euthanized; which we don’t like to have to do; we are in the process of building our own kennel at the Transfer Station which will greatly reduce the expense.

Ted Weber asked about refuse and garbage expense thinking that some of Town was receiving curbside pick up and he was not; the costs incurred there are that the Transfer Station is now open 5 days per week and there are 2 full time employees, this is about the only department that is self-sustaining according to Supervisor McDonough; he stated that Recreation is also looking to increase fees and facility usage.  Mr. Weber also asked if the Town is gaining interest on the surplus funds and are they fully insured; Supervisor McDonough responded that we do have the funds in interest bearing investments which are closely monitored.  Supervisor McDonough will look into the rating system for bank security but feels we are adequately protected.


3).  A resolution will be presented next week to adopt the 2009 Town of Rosendale Budget.


4).  A resolution will be presented next week to set a public hearing for December 3, 2008 to consider the draft Route 32 Corridor Development Plan.


5). A resolution will be presented next week authorizing the Supervisor to seek appraisal services on Water District property off Mountain Road SBL070.002-7-2 and 070.002-4-2 for possible sale.  The Water District would retain water rights and the Highway Department would want to retain rights to the shale bank which it utilizes.  Sale of this property would require a permissive referendum by the Water District users (customers); and the proceeds of the sale could only be used for capital projects not operating costs.


6).  A non-binding proclamation will be adopted next week requesting retailers to reduce tobacco advertising in the interest of public health.  Supervisor McDonough stated that this is the time to look at our sign ordinance as it relates to this and other issues which retract from our Town’s appearance.


7).  A resolution will be presented next week authorizing the levying of delinquent water and sewer payments to the 2009 County Tax.


8). Review of the 2008 Pickle Festival Site Plan:  Billy Liggan invited all Town Board members to attend the reception at the Postage Inn the evening before the Pickle Fest; this event brings 7000 people to Town for one day.  Mr. Liggan stated to the Board that they are staying away from using the Park & Ride for Festival parking; bikes and skateboards are not permitted in the buildings; all pickle vendors will be under the pavilion “The Pickle Palace”; glass will be allowed since most pickles are packed in glass jars.  Supervisor McDonough stated that he feels police presence should be part of their Community Policing project; they should not be charging back $35 per hour; Councilman Minissali thinks this could raise questions.  Supervisor McDonough responded that he will head it off at the next Police Commission meeting.


A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to approve the Pickle Festival Site Plan; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote:  5 Yeses.


Mr. Jordan raised the question about health insurance buy outs related to the budget; he feels that a buy out should not exceed $1,000 and questions whether it is necessary at all.


A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to close the public hearing at 8:35 pm; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.  Roll Vote:  5 Yeses.  


A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to move to Executive Session to discuss a confidential attorney/client issue; seconded by Councilman Gallagher:  Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.  

Out of Executive Session at 9:05 pm, no action taken.



1.      Sun. Nov. 9 – Last Weekly Farmer’s Market, 9am to 2pm at Rec Center

2.      Tues. Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day -    TOWN OFFICES CLOSED

3.      Wed. Nov. 12 – Town Board Meeting

4.      Thurs. Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Day TOWN OFFICES CLOSED Thurs & Fri

5.      Sun. Dec. 7 – Commitment to Kids, Noon to 5pm at Bloomington Firehouse



            GENERAL FUND VOUCHER’S #1040-1098 TOTALING $21,449.95

            HIGHWAY FUND                      #  233-243                       $20,414.07

            SEWER FUND                            #  173-176                       $     549.38

            WATER FUND                           #  165-169                        $     349.96

            SHAWANGUNK PART “            #      4                               $     500.00


A motion was made by Councilwoman Greene to pay bills; seconded by Councilman Minissali.  Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:16 pm by Councilman Cluen; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.  Roll Vote:  5 Yeses.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Joan S. Jordan

                                                                                    Town Clerk