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OCTOBER 1,2008


The meeting was called to orderby Supervisor McDonough at 6:05 pm at theRosendaleCommunityCenterwith the Pledge to the Flag.


PRESENT:Councilman Robert Gallagher

CouncilwomanManna Jo Greene(arrived 6:10pm)

Councilman Richard Minissali


ABSENT:Councilman Kenneth Cluen

ALSO PRESENT:Doris Fleming, bookkeeper; MichaelDiBattista, Police Chief; Heidi Jewett, Diane Bedell, Recreation Commission; DanBaker, Assessor;Joe Havranek,Planning Board; about twenty residents.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: No comments were made at this time.


DEPARTMENT BUDGET REQUESTS: Department budget requests were previouslyreceived from department heads; some department heads wished to presentjustification for requests in person as follows:

1.)POLICE: Chief DiBattista stated the need for a new SUV as a largepart of his request. He favorspurchasing a Chevy Tahoe Suburban which are used by the State Police becausethey are dependable with minimal maintenance. The Tahoe would replace the Dodge Durango which has 83,400 miles and hasa lot of problems. Chief announced thatwe will be losing at least one or possibly two full time officers; it’s a “cointoss”; one will be going to the Ulster County Sheriff’s Dept. There is no money allocated for DWI($6,500.00); maybe next year we will receive some as we are making DWIarrests. There are no pay increasessince the Police Union Contract has not been negotiated at this time; raiseswill be retroactive to January 1, 2008; $5,000.00 is being included forcontractual raises. The total requestedby the Police Dept. is $412,456.00. Supervisor McDonough added that this figure does not include autoinsurance, benefits, health insurance and etc. which come out of the GeneralFund.

2.)TOWN CLERK: Joan Jordanstated that according to figures from a survey conducted this year shows thatRosendale pays close to the lowest salary for Town Clerk in Ulster County; shealso stated that $1,000.00 for Records Management Officer which was added due tothe tremendous increase in FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) requests since thestart of the Hudson River Valley Resort application (formerly Williams Lake) andwhich are expected to continue until this project is finalized. The total Town Clerk budget request is for$62,087.00.

3.)ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION: Jennifer Metzger, Chair of the Commission, did not speak. A discussion followed about the NRI (NaturalResource Inventory) and the projected cost. John Maylie said thatUlsterCountyhas hired two people and is in theprocess of updating all these resource materials, perhaps the Town can work withthe County so that we don’t have to duplicate the same work. This will be looked into.  

4.)RECREATION: Diane Bedellstated that “the budget is what it is”. The personal services reflects Heidi Jewett at $32,000.00 per year asfull time (40 h/p/w) as manager and Rosemary Milano at $13,650.00 for 25 h/p/wfor housekeeping; Councilwoman Greene noted that Heidi should be calling backrenters when the building is not in acceptable condition and hold deposits. Supervisor McDonough noted that we haveprofessional cleaning of the carpet done four (4) times per year but people arebeing careless. An additional $600.00for a clerk to take minutes at meetings is still up in the air. Diane stated that since lifeguards areseasonal and we are paying them very well there is no “cost of living increase”but one additional week will be added to the season next year; Heidi got her CPO(certified pool operator)so there will be no additional expense for that;revenues are expected to remain the same. Also discussed was what will be done with the snack bar; should the Townrun it or go out to bid for operators; Supervisor McDonough said that he wouldlike to see figures for the operation, Doug Olympia completely refurbished thebuilding and paid no rent; his contract expires this year. Diane spoke about the second partition forthe center; Supervisor McDonough stated that he has already asked C.T. Male todo engineering study for the partition and is waiting for a response; they willhave to rewrite the proposals. TotalRecreation requests are $187,823.00.

5.)ASSESSOR: Dan Baker toldthe Board that revenues will be coming in from STAR Aid in the amount of$1,345.00 and Reval Aid will be $13,750.00 which will pay for the commercial andIMAR revals and will be paid for the next six years, this will offset some ofthe budget increase. Dan asked thatLaurie Hornbeck be given and additional five (5) hours per week which would makeher full time; she is the face of assessor’s office and presently works thirtyfive (35) hours per week. SupervisorMcDonough noted that $1,000.00 had been included in the department budget forlegal fees; this will come out of the General Fund; but thanked Dan forobserving the need and the expense for BAR will come out of a separateappropriation. Supervisor McDonough alsonoted that funds for commercial and IMAR may be encumbered from 2008 to furtherreduce the budget request. Total requestis $78,586.00.

6.)PLANNING BOARD:JoeHavranekpresented a proposed budget totaling $56,500.00 for2009. Estimates of major expenses were:$20,000.00 for legal counsel; $20,000.00 professional planning services;$2,500.00 for a laptop computer and accessories; $2,500.00 for education andtraining; $1,000.00 for postage; $1,400.00 office supplies and mileagereimbursement; $9,100.00 for salary for clerk with an increase of 10 hours permonth. Supervisor McDonough noted thatthe cost of legal counsel would not come out of the Planning Board budget thusthis would bring his budget request down to $36,500.00; the clerk, Leslie Treut,had submitted a less detailed budget with a total request for $39,000.00. Joe stated that they would be redoing allapplication forms and flow charts by C.T. Male (this would be part of theprofessional planning services) to make them more user friendly for clients.


All department heads thatappeared finished their presentations at 7:15 p.m.; Supervisor McDonough calleda 15 minute recess before the workshop meeting begins.


At 7:30 p.m. reconvened themeeting.


1). ANNOUNCEMENT: The Town is seeking applicants for the ZBA,Environmental Commission and Water/Sewer Commission. Applications are available at Town Hall or online.


2). PUBLIC HEARING: A Three (3) Month Moratorium on OutdoorWood-burning Boilers.

The Notice of Public Hearing wasread by the Town Clerk.

Supervisor McDonough announcedthat the moratorium will not affect those already permitted; they can proceedwith installation but must be aware that they may have to meet new regulations;no new permits will be issued during the moratorium.

Tom Ferry stated that he is donewith installation of his boiler; it’s been inspected and is in proper workingorder.

Paul Costa asked if the TownBoard will support rescinding the moratorium if agreement is reached onregulations prior to the expiration of the three (3) months; he understands thatthere have been zero applications since the last meeting; January is a littlelate to have to wait to start the process for installing a boiler thisseason. He is willing to work withJennifer Metzger from the Environmental Commission to crunch for an agreement ofwording for the local law. SupervisorMcDonough stated that Paul and Jennifer are close to seeking the same thingsfrom a proposed local law.

JoeHavranekasked if the Environmental Commission is crafting thelaw;…………………

Cal Rider stated that you arestopping the permitting of the boilers; if they are close to an agreement whywait. Mr. Rider stated that digging isnecessary for installation of wood boilers; if they are close to an agreementperhaps a moratorium is not necessary.

Councilwoman Greene expressedconcern about both the monetary investment and health concerns and stated thatshe feels the moratorium is important to give breathing space to the issue. Ms. Greene recommended that if thenegotiations break down that consideration be given to professional mediators.

Paul Costa agrees that time isneeded but he feels that this concerns all auxiliary units and we should notjust address one type; address all heating appliances.

JoeHavranekagreed that all heating appliances should be lookedout; Supervisor McDonough added that hedidn’t feel we should be prejudiced.

Councilman Minissali asked whatthe current permit allows; Councilman Gallagher responded that the permit is forthe parcel. Joe Havranekstated that the wood stove permit liststhe requirements right on the permit, such as the smoke stack must be two (2)feet above the peaks of the house. JohnMaylie added that the permit is code driven.

Councilman Minissali asked ifthere is a process for re-certification; Supervisor McDonough responded thatdoesn’t know of anything.

Cal Rider opined that if theboilers are operating properly there will be no complaints, otherwise there willbe complaints; there is no sure method for testing.

Paul Costa suggested that theCode Enforcement Officer be empowered to shut down the use of the units ifproblems arise; treat on a case-by-case basis; if they burn proper fuels thereis no problem otherwise treat them as a problem child. Supervisor McDonough noted that overloadingof fuel is the single greatest cause of smoke.

Barbara Pambino thanked the TownBoard for the use of public hearings for residents to have a dialog.


A motion to close the publichearing was made at 8:10 pm by Supervisor McDonough; seconded by CouncilmanMinissali. Roll Vote: 4 Yeses, 1 Absent(Councilman Cluen).


A motion to revise the moratoriumwas made by Supervisor McDonough; seconded by Councilman Gallagher to changeSec. 1 (b) to read: it is the further purpose of this law to enable the Town ofRosendale to suspend thefiling of new applications forpermitting, construction and installation………… Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1 Absent (CouncilmanCluen).


3). RESOLUTION10-2008-#1Adoptinga Local Law, Three Month Moratorium on the Permitting, Construction andInstallation of Outdoor Wood Boilers.

A motion was made by SupervisorMcDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Roll Vote:

Councilman CluenAbsent


Councilwoman GreeneYes



4). TENTATIVE BUDGET TO TOWNBOARD: The Town Clerk presented theTentative Budget to the Town Board. Supervisor McDonough asked that the Board look over the budget and givesuggestions to him before next week. General Fund is up 23%, Highway up 14% for an overall increase of 19.33%;most of the increases are due to the increased costs of petroleum products.


5). RESOLUTION: A resolution willbe presented next week to set a public hearing on the 2009 Preliminary Budgetfor November 5, 2008.


6). RESOLUTION: A resolution willbe presented next week to set a Halloween Curfew.


7). RESOLUTION: A resolution willbe presented next week to make Budget Transfers.



1.Every Sun. –Farmer’s Market, 9 am to 2 pm atRecCenter

2.Thurs., Oct.–Central HudsonEnergy Saving Workshop, 6pm atHV Mall

3.Sun., Oct. 5– Bill Brooks “40 years onMainStreet.” Party, 1to 4pm at Bill’s

4.Wed., Oct. 8– Town Board Meeting, 7:30 pm atRecCenter

5.Sat., Oct.11 – UCRRA Household Hazardous Waste Collection, by appt. only, call 336-3336(FlatbushRoad)

6.Mon., Oct.13 – Columbus Day – TOWN OFFICES CLOSED

7.Tue., Oct.21 – Fire District Budget Hearings – Respective Fire Houses.

8.Sun., Nov. 2– “Fabulous Fall Breakfast Buffet”, 8 an to noon at High Falls Fire House ($8adults, $7 seniors, $6 children 5-12 yrs old)

9.Wed., Nov 5– Public Hearing on 2009 Preliminary Budget

10.Mon., Oct.6- Flood Management,RecCenter

11.Thurs., Oct 9 –Rondout Creek Water Shed

12.Sat., Oct. 11 –Stream Monitoring 1-3:30 pmMettacahonts Rd., Accord

13.Sat., Oct. 18 –“Trees for Tribs” south of the Rt 213 Bridge,Creekside Lane

Notice was also made that theFarmer’s Market will end it’s outdoor season on November 9; it will hold market indoors at theRecCenteron the 1StSunday fromDec. through March. The Farmer’s Marketdonates to the Rosendale Food Pantry.

DEC will hold a Scoping Sessionon Wed., Oct. 29 at 7pm at theRecCenterof the HRVR project.

LINK parking for the train toPoughkeepsie is available at the Park&Ride, additional, temporary overflow parking is in the designated area at the front of the Rec Center; the Stateis paying us $2 per space until the Park&Ride expansion is completed.

Tuesday, October 14, “RosendaleYesterday, Today and Tomorrow” with Tim Morrison and Ken Hassett is on KAPA at8:30 pm.

John Liggan offeredcongratulations on a “good meeting”.

Eric Benjamin stated that UlsterCounty Legislature passed a resolution (#9) giving exemption for active veteransof the Cold War period on their County taxes, each jurisdiction must adopt theirown resolution to expand their exemption. Supervisor McDonough stated that the Town will look at the measure; wewould need a public hearing and have to enact a local law.




HIGHWAY FUND                    #209-217                   $13,207.03

SEWER FUND                          #152-158                   $ 1,335.89

WATER FUND                         #145-151                   $  1,651.89


A motion was made by CouncilwomanGreene to pay the bills; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 4 Yeses, 1 Absent


A motion was made at 9:02 pm toadjourn by Councilman Minissali; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 4 Yeses, 1 Absent


Respectfully submitted,



Joan S. Jordan

Town Clerk