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TOWN OFROSENDALE                                                  DRAFT


JUNE 11,2008


The meeting was called to orderat 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor McDonough at theRosendaleCommunityCenterwith the Pledge to the Flag.


PRESENT:Councilman Kenneth Cluen

Councilman Robert Gallagher (arrived 7:33 p.m.)

Councilwoman Mann Jo Greene

Councilman Richard Minissali


ALSO PRESENT:Billy Liggan, Fred Greitzer, PlanningBoard Members; Jack Snyder, W/S Commission; and about a dozen residents.


PETITIONS: No petitions werepresented.


PUBLIC COMMMENTS: Ken Oldehoff announced that the RosendaleFarmers Market opened on Sunday; they had a very successful opening. The strawberries are exceptional; verysweet. They will soon have home-growntomatoes as well as other local produce.


Jack Gouldsbury complimented CarlHornbeck and the Highway Dept. on the exceptional job they did onParkcrest Driverecently. Mr. Gouldsbury said that acrew of 4-5 men completed the work on the drainage over the course of 3-1/2 daysand did an excellent job; this should correct the long standing problem in thatarea.

Supervisor McDonough stated thatdue to the high cost of paving materials this year more focus will be placed oncorrecting drainage and other problems rather paving but some paving will stillbe done.

Jack Snyder agreed that theHighway Dept. does a great job but some things are getting away from them; thecross walk markings are worn away, a white line needs to be painted on the JamesStreet hill delineating which lane vehicles should be in, getting the sidewalkinstalled on the James Street hill, stop lines should be painted a ends ofMadeline Lane along with STOP signs, especially at the intersection of Route 32;Mr. Snyder suggested that perhaps NYS DOT would help with some of theseprojects; Supervisor McDonough noted that the NYS DOT will not work on Townroads, it is our responsibility. Mr.Snyder said that he went up to the Police Dept. and filed a complaint abouttrucks traveling onJamesStreet; the Police need to enforce existinglaws. Supervisor McDonough stated thatthe Police will be doing more patrols; they are already doing more night patrolsin the area but they will not have a patrol vehicle there full-time.



1.Sat., June 14th¡VFlag Day ¡V Flag Disposal Service ¡V American Legion, Tillson, 7p.m.

     Bloomington Fire Aux., Nickel Social, 6pm¡V Bloomington Firehouse

2.Sun., June 15th¡VFather¡¦s Day

3.Sun., June 15th,Farmer¡¦s Market

4.Fri., July 4th¡VIndependence Day, Town Offices CLOSED

5.Wed., July 9th¡VTown Board Meeting, 7:00 pm atRecCenter(NO WORKSHOP MEETING IN JULY)

6.Sat., July 19th&Sun., July 20th¡V Rosendale Street Festival

7.Wed., August 13 ¡V Town BoardMeeting, 7:00pm atRecCenter(NO WORKSHOP MEETING IN AUGUST)


COMMITTEE REPORTS: CouncilwomanGreene said that the Planning Board recently had an application for a re-entryfacility in Maple Hill and there is a pre-application for a second re-entryfacility onMainStreetin the Cigar Factory building; public hearingswill be held on each application during the process. There was also a discussion about the¡§karsts¡¨ in the Rosendale area; Planning Board has to be sure that septic isadequate to protect the water resources; consultants have to look very closelyat the applications. Ms. Greene statedthat we need to have very clear guideline, the Town Code doesn¡¦t address itadequately; RCCE should interact with the Planning Board. Fred Greitzer interjected that he stronglyagrees that we need general guidelines and mapping rather than going piece-mealon each application. Ed Maestro saidthat RCCE is doing on-going studies and will work with the Planning Board andthese studies will become a Town resource.

Councilman Minissali asked if weneed to codify. Billy Liggan stated thatthe Board of Health has control of this project; there is 35 feet of soil tocleanse the water before hitting the ¡§karsts¡¨. Supervisor McDonough stated that the ZoningCode Ad Hoc Committee will look at this and decide whether to include it in therevisions.


Councilman Gallagher stated thatthe Recreation Commission minutes are on file; the pool is coming along, but wedon¡¦t know when it will open. TheHighway Dept. received their new backhoe/loader last Thursday.

Councilman Cluen announced thatthe Youth Tee Ball had a very successful season; last month the Center had 900+visits, double last year¡¦s attendance; the Car Show was a big success; and thecamp is almost full. The TransferStation had a successful ¡§Metal Amnesty¡¨ and is pulling its own weight.

Councilman Minissali reportedthat a longtime member had resigned from the ZBA and we are looking for avolunteer to fill the position; they are also looking for volunteers for theWater/Sewer Commission.



A motion was made by CouncilmanCluen to accept the May minutes; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.




SUPERVISOR¡¦S FINANCIALREPORT: Supervisor McDonough read theend balances; the report is on file with the Town Clerk.


Discussion: Route 323 BridgeRehabilitation. Hans Priebe, NY DOTConstruction Engineer, for orange and Ulster Counties gave an overview of whatwill be taking place in Rosendale beginning next week on the Route 32 Bridge; itwill be rehabbed, one lane at a time (staged construction) over the next yearand a half; work will be done between 7 am and 5:30pm, Monday throughFriday. DOT will be changing the roadstripping in front of the Recreation Center, creating a turn lane; there will beno posted detour signage, people will no doubt formulate their own detours;notices are going out to truckers (those permitted by DOT) to use alternateroutes.

Mrs. Maestro advised Mr. Priebethat DOT should not forget that they need to allow a curb cut for her drivewayon Route 32 (it is currently just grass).

Ann Citron asked if there will beany change to traffic; Mr. Priebe noted that the intersection by the monumentswill be closed; traffic will have to proceed to the light past Stewart¡¦s tomake a right hand turn. A number ofpeople raised question about how large trucks will negotiate such a turn; theresponse was that there will be a wide swing available.

John Maylie asked if DOT couldmark a pedestrian crossing in front of theRecreationCenterto the Park&Ride on theopposite side.

Tim Morrison asked aboutextending the sidewalk beyond the Recreation Center to the Senior Housing (ParkHeights); Supervisor McDonough stated that the Town has already received a grantfrom State Senator Bonacic to extend the sidewalks which was secured last yearby Former Supervisor Gallagher.

Fred Greitzer questioned whetherdrainage at the intersections of Route 32 withMadeline Laneandalso at the Memorial Park would be addressed; the response was ¡§yes¡¨.

A resident asked what should bedone if an unforeseen event happens during the construction that creates aproblem; Mr. Priebe stated that Paul Marcello, site manager, should becontacted; his office is in the Astoria Hotel Building on Main Street, phone658-8263.

Questions about local roadsbecame the subject for further discussion which became a little contentious attimes: Ed Maestro asked ifJamesStreetcould be dead-ended (currently it is one wayin from Route 32) so that he could get to his driveway without having to waitfor traffic to turn intoJamesStreet.

Mark Morganstern asked abouttemporary speed bumps; Jack Snyder replied that the vibrations will endanger the100 year old water system. SupervisorMcDonough said that he talked with Carl Hornbeck and he will erect large signsstating NOT A DETOUR.

Jack Snyder also suggested thatany new project in Town require sidewalks be installed as part of theproject. Mark Morganstern also asked ifguardrails will be installed between the pedestrian sidewalks and the vehiclelanes.

Discussion ended with KenOldehoff defusing the tension by stating ¡§walking is allowed onJames Street!¡¨.


STREET FESTIVAL: A motion was made by Councilman Gallagher toadopt the Rosendale Street Festival Site plan as written; seconded by CouncilmanCluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


After the vote, Jack Snyder askedwhat the Town gets from the Street Festival; Billy Liggan responded that thebusinesses along Main Street ¡§a shot in the arm¡¨, the Festival provided thestage a Willow Kiln Park for the benefit of the Town, they are building a bridgeover the canal to access Central Avenue and Billy said that the tee-shirts soldat the Festival give advertising/publicity for the Town(he was wearing a shirtin Oklahoma and someone stopped him and knew about the Festival in Rosendale).


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Town Board isstill seeking applications for a volunteer member for the Zoning Board ofReview.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Town Board isstill applications for volunteer members for the Water/Sewer Commission.



Economic Dev.Dee McCluskey


Environmental Comm.Nava Tabak

AlternateJen Metzger

Planning BoardFred Greitzer

AlternateJoe Havranek

Town BoardManna Jo Greene

AlternateRichard Minissali


AlternateBrian Farmer

Public MembersGary Jacobson,Chairman

Marc Cassidy

Brian Macaluso

Tim Morrison

AlternateBetsy Tuel


A motion was made by SupervisorMcDonough to appoint the above as members of the Zoning Code Review Committeewith Gary Jacobson as Chairman; seconded by Council-man Cluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Fred Greitzer asked that legalopinion be sought to determine if a Town Board member would have to recusethemselves from voting to adopt the recommendations and amendments of theCommittee; Ms. Greene and Mr. Minissali both stated that they would recuse ifnecessary. Supervisor McDonough said hewill check with counsel.

Councilwoman Greene wanted to putforth a ¡§good word¡¨ on behalf of Betsy Tuel; she attends just about every TownBoard meeting; Billy Liggan stated that she also attends almost all PlanningBoard meetings.



GENERAL FUND ¡V Transfer the sumof:

1. $8,717.34 from Safety InspectionC.E.(A3620.4) into Safety Inspection Eq. (A3620.2)

2. $1.00 from Unemployment Ins. (A9050.8) intoPolice Retirement (A9015.8)

3. $899.50 from Playground/Rec C.E. (A7140.4)into Buildings Eq. (A1620.2)


A motion was made by SupervisorMcDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote:

Councilman CluenYes

Councilman GallagherYes

Councilwoman GreeneYes

Councilman MinissaliYes

Supervisor McDonoughYes


RESOLUTION:6-2008-#2In Supportof WSW Historic Building Purchase and Restoration. The resolution is supporting the Women¡¦sStudio Workshop seeking a grant from NYS through the Environmental ProtectionAct of 1993 available during fiscal year 2008.

A motion was presented bySupervisor McDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by CouncilwomanGreene. Roll Vote:

Councilman CluenYes

Councilman GallagherYes

Councilwoman GreeneYes

Councilman MinissaliAbstained (He previouslyobtained a grant fromWSW)

Supervisor McDonoughYes


RESOLUTION: 6-2008-#3 In Supportof Mohonk Preserve to Purchase Fifty Acres on the Northern Tip of the ShawangunkRidge. The resolution is supporting theMohonk Preserve in its endeavor to secure a grant through the NYS EnvironmentalProtection Act of 1993 during fiscal year 2008 to purchase fifty acres ofland.

A motion was made by SupervisorMcDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote:

Councilman CluenYes

Councilman GallagherYes

Councilwoman GreeneYes

Councilman MinissaliAbstained (His wife works forMohonk Pres.)

Supervisor McDonoughYes


RESOLUTION: Grant Agreement for$15,000.00 grant from Lifebridge Foundation.

The resolution is to authorizethe Supervisor to sign the agreement to accept a $15,000.00 for the benefit ofthe Rosendale pool.

A motion was made by SupervisorMcDonough to adopt the resolution; seconded by Councilman Cluen. Roll Vote:

Councilman CluenYes

Councilman GallagherYes

Councilwoman GreeneAbstained (She received a donation for theSustainableLivingCenter)

Councilman MinissaliYes

Supervisor McDonoughYes


Councilwoman Greene stated thatthe meeting on Tuesday evening concerning ¡§Flood Plains Mapping&Management¡¨ was attended by approximately 150 people and was very informative;she also stated that some members of the Rosendale Planning Board and ZBA werein attendance. Ms. Greene made therecommendation that the Town Board authorize that two (2) hours of continuingeducation credit be given the members in attendance.

A motion was presented byCouncilwoman Greene to grant two (2) hours continuing education credit to memberof the Rosendale Planning Board and ZBA who attended the workshop on ¡§FloodPlains Mapping&Management¡¨ held on June 10th; seconded byCouncilman Minissali. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Jack Snyder questioned whetherthe storage facility in Tillson has met the requirements of their site plan withregard to planting of the buffer along Route 32; he thought that more maturetrees were to be planted and extended up passed the Turco property. Supervisor McDonough responded that this isup to the Planning Board and Code Enforcement; he will check with them.


Councilman Minissali stated thatat the outset of the bridge rehab project, the residents had petitioned to havea citizens committee on crosswalks, signage and etc. for problems in any area tobring them to the attention of the Town; now might be the time to activateit.



HIGHWAY FUND        ¡§            #116-129        ¡§        $10,880.97

SEWER FUND             ¡§             # 87-97          ¡§           $ 4,032.07

WATER FUND            ¡§             # 83-90          ¡§           $ 2,455.59

CAP. RES. WATER     ¡§               # 1-               ¡§           $ 3,064.60


A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to pay bills; seconded by Councilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to adjourn at 9:35 p.m.; seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Respectfully submitted,



Joan S. Jordan

Town Clerk