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TOWN OFROSENDALE                           DRAFT


JUNE 4,2008


The meeting was called to orderat 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor McDonough at theRosendaleCommunityCenterwith the Pledge to the Flag.


Supervisor McDonough requestedthat a moment of silence be observed in memory of our very dear former TownClerk Mary Ann Tapley who passed away recently.


PRESENT:CouncilwomanManna Jo Greene(arrived at 7:32 p.m.)

Councilman Robert Gallagher

Councilman Kenneth Cluen (arrived at 7:36 p.m.)

Councilman Richard Minissali


ALSO PRESENT: Billy Liggan, Planning Board; Jack Snyder,Water/Sewer; Ken Hassett, Dpty. Fire Marshal; a dozen residents were alsopresent.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Glenn Debrosky wanted to know if the Town hasa law requiring people to clean up after their pets (dogs in particular). He is having trouble in his neighborhood(Mossy BrookRoadinHighFalls) with people allowing their animalsto defecate and urinate on neighbor¡¦s property. Supervisor McDonough explained that we dohave a dog control law but it does not address cats but it does cover ownerscleaning up after their pets. SupervisorMcDonough told Mr. Debrosky to call him at the office and they will discuss thesituation.


RESIGNATIONS: Supervisor McDonough stated that a letter ofresignation has been received from Leland Eaton who has served for 21 years onthe Zoning Board of Appeals; he feels that someone else should do the job.

A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to accept the resignation of Leland Eaton from the Zoning Board ofAppeals, with regrets; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


APPOINTMENTS: Supervisor McDonough announced that the Courtwould like Antonio Sisilli appointed as Court Security Officer. All checks have been completed by thejudges.

A motion to appoint AntonioSisilli as Court Security Officer was made by Councilman Gallagher; seconded byCouncilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Supervisor McDonough stated thatthe Police Commissioner¡¦s have voted to appoint two (2) of the four (4)officers from the eligibility list as Full Time Officers contingent until theypass their medical tests; the two officers are: Kyle Frano and OwenO¡¦Connell.

A motion was made by CouncilwomanGreene to appoint Kyle Frano and Owen O¡¦Connell as full time Police Officerscontingent upon passing medical tests; seconded by Councilman Minissali. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Announcement: The Town Board isstill seeking volunteer applications for a position on the Zoning Board ofAppeals.


Announcement: The Town Board is still seeking volunteerapplications for positions on the Water/Sewer Commission.


Announcement: Volunteer applications are still beingaccepted for the Ad-Hoc Zoning Code Review Committee; appointments will probablystart being made next week.


Route 32 Bridge Up-date: Supervisor McDonough stated that the signshave started going up for the bridge rehab; he believes they will probably startby the end of the month; the site manager already has an office set up in TownonMainStreet. Supervisor stated that he has invited the project coordinator and thesite manager to attend nextweeksTownBoard meeting. Supervisor stated that he has been lead tobelieve that the major portion of the work will be done at night. Jack Snyder asked if the police will be doingextra patrols onJamesStreet; Supervisor responded that he will speak toChief DiBattista to see what can be arranged. Councilman Minissali asked about temporary speed bumps; Supervisor statedthat Carl Hornbeck believes he can obtain some from either the County or theState. Jack Snyder stated that hewasn¡¦t sure that speed bumps were a good idea as they will create additionalvibration of the already at risk water mains inJames Street. Jack Snyder also asked if the proposedsidewalk onJamesStreetwill be installed prior to the start ofconstruction; Supervisor stated that he will check with Carl Hornbeck; he knowsthat Carl is anxious to get started.


Discussion: The Street Festival Site Plan was presentedfor review by the Town Board for adoption next week. Jack Snyder asked if traffic will be detouredontoJamesStreetduring the Festival; Billy Liggan respondedthat it would not; it will be the same as past years,Tillson Road,SpringtownRoadandKeator Avenuewill be the detourroute. Billy Liggan stated that theyhave expanded on resident parking in the plan; he also noted that the emergencycontact list for the Festival Committee is still missing but will be presentednext week. Billy Liggan also stated thatthe Festival tee shirts will go on sale Friday; he modeled one for theaudience.


Discussion: Petition to Reject Zoning Code Change. Supervisor McDonough stated that Mary LouChristiana, attorney, has advised that we can¡¦t make a decision or adoption ona zoning code change while the SEQRA is in process; he said there will bereviews by the Ad Hoc Committee, the Town Board, the Planning Board and a siteplan review and each step will have a public hearing so there is plenty ofopportunity for challenge and review. Councilman Minissali asked how does the Town Board find what benefits anddoes not benefit the Town; Supervisor responded that the Board will review anddiscuss with the developer the costs to the Town and the economic benefits. Billy Liggan interjected that the Town Boardmembers should bring their own concerns to the discussions; the code change willrequire its own SEQRA review. Councilwoman Greene stated that a scoping session at the outset wouldrequire any relevant concerns must be addressed by the developer. Ken Hassett asked if all the names on thepetitions were Town residents; he was told that they were broken down by Savethe Lakes as to resident, non-resident. A full page of on-line signatures was questioned as to whether theylegally constitute a petition as they are just names and e-mail addresses withno actual petition attached to the signatures; Supervisor McDonough will seekwill advice. Councilman Minissaliquestioned whether we need to make an actual response to the petition; he askedthat Supervisor McDonough check with Shayne Gallo, attorney.


Additional comments were maderegarding the earlier discussion about the cat situation in the Town; JackSnyder said there are problems in theJames Streetarea; Tim Morrison stated thathe has problems in the Clark¡¦s Estates area of Tillson and Glenn Debroskystated that he also has it inHighFallsin theMossy Brook Roadarea. They asked that the situation belooked into.



1.Sun., June 8th¡VFarmer¡¦s Market Begins.

2.Wed., June 11th¡VTown Board Meeting, 7:30 p.m. atRecCenter.

3.Sat., June 14th¡VFlag Day

4.Sun., June 15th¡VFather¡¦s Day

5.Fri., July 4th¡VIndependence Day, TOWN OFFICCES CLOSED

6.Wed., July 9th¡VTown Board Meeting, 7:00 pm atRecCenter(NO WORKSHOP METING IN JULY)

7.Sat., July 19&Sun., July20th¡V Rosendale Street Festival

8.Wed., August 13th¡VTown Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m. atRecCenter(NO WORKSHOP MEETING IN AUGUST)

Councilwoman Greene added that onJune 10thfrom 6-9 p.m. FEMA and DEC will be giving a presentation onFLOODING at the Rec Center, all who live in flood plain are invited toattend. FEMA will have the re-mappedflood plains maps; she stated that the Town will have to pass a new ordinance tomake flood insurance available to affected residents.


Councilman Minissali asked aboutthe billboard on the truck in Maple Hill; Supervisor McDonough stated that it isa legal matter being looked at therefore can not be discussed in a publicforum.




HIGHWAY FUND        ¡§            #112-115        ¡§           $    965.18

SEWER FUND              ¡§            #  82-86         ¡§           $    864.26

WATER FUND             ¡§            #  79-82         ¡§           $  2,054.62


A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to pay bills; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.

A motion was made by CouncilmanGallagher to adjourn at 8:53 p.m.; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.

Respectfully submitted,