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TOWN OFROSENDALE                                                 DRAFT


MAY 7,2008


The meeting was called to orderby Supervisor McDonough at 7:30 p.m. at theRosendaleCommunityCenterwith the Pledge to the Flag.


PRESENT:Councilman Robert Gallagher

Councilman Kenneth Cluen

Councilman Richard Minissali

CouncilwomanManna Jo Greene(arrived at 7:35 p.m.)



ALSO PRESENT:Billy Liggan, Planning Board; JenniferMetzger, RCCE;3 representatives ofthe Rondout Valley School Board andabout 15 residents.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Faith Larrabee-Kwiecinski asked theSupervisor and Board Members what was happening with the Town insurance companyregarding the denied claim for damage to her basement from wastewater backup anddamage to her yard. Supervisor McDonoughtold them he had submitted the pictures to our insurance company for review buthas not heard from them as of today. David Kwiecinski said that they areparanoid that this will happen again with a heavy rain; Supervisor McDonoughstated that they should install a ¡§backflow valve¡¨ at the owner¡¦s expense toprevent the situation from possibly happening again and that he had told themnot to wait to clean out until there is resolution of the claim. The Kwiencinski¡¦s and Mrs. Larrabee claimedthat Supervisor McDonough had stated that Terry Johnson, Water Superintendent,would be at this meeting; Supervisor said he did not recall the same. Mr. Kwiecinski asked if a report was made andto whom was it sent; Supervisor stated that Terry Johnson made his report andsent it to DEC. Mrs.Larrabee-Kwiencinski said she didn¡¦t know how Terry¡¦s report could be accuratesince he was only in her dining room and that was not affected.

Mrs. (Nina) Larrabee stated thatshe was very disappointed that Terry Johnson was not here and she insisted thathe come to the next meeting. Mrs.Larrabee feels that the Town Board was not informed about this situation, onlythe Supervisor. Councilman Minissalisuggested that the Supervisor request having our insurance representative comeout and view the situation first hand. Supervisor McDonough told all the parties that he would be available inhis office at any time to discuss this matter further; please call and make anappointment.

Billy Liggan read a news releaseabout the Rosendale Farmer¡¦s Market; it will run every Sunday from June8ththrough November 8th, with expanded hours from 9:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; he urged public support. Billy announced that the Farm Markethas a new mailing address: P.O. Box 324, Rosendale, NY 12472 and a web site:www.Rosendalefarmersmarket.organd the RosendaleChamber of Commerce will have a link to the Farmer¡¦s Market on their website. Music and non-profit organizationsare encouraged to participate. KenOldehoff said that he supports the Farmer¡¦s Market and hopes that Rosendaleresidents will ¡§shop local¡¨.

Andrea Ade ofHighFallsParkasked to speak about the on going¡§cat situation¡¨ she and her husband have been experiencing. She said that Officer Fischer has stated thatthe police have their ¡§hands tied¡¨, there is nothing more they can do, and itis more a neighbor dispute. Mrs. Adesaid it is not just a neighbor dispute it is a matter of a pet owner takingresponsibility for their pets; they have been damaging the paint on the Ade¡¦svehicles. Mrs. Ade stated that this hasbeen going on for seven years and there is no talking with the neighbor;mediation was suggested but Mrs. Ade was not open to that. Mrs. Ade feels that theTown should enact a law orordinance to make owners responsible for their pets; she stated that New Paltzenacted a ¡§cat control¡¨ law (a copy of the New Paltz law was provided to TownBoard members in their folders) why can¡¦t Rosendale. Supervisor McDonough stated that theVillageofNew Paltzlaw is dealingwith feral cats not pets and that unless there are other people in other areasof Town experiencing the same problem you can¡¦t just enact a law for oneinstance. Mrs. Ade asked about followingthe public nuisance law; Supervisor McDonough said that he will review theHumane Law and see what can/could be done and he will talk with OfficerFischer. Supervisor McDonough also toldthe Ade¡¦s that he is available in his office by appointment to discuss thismatter.

Councilwoman Greene wanted tocongratulate Nick Mercurio, John Maylie, Jennifer Metzger and all the othersinvolved in the very successful Energy Expo that took place on May3rd, despite the weather not cooperating.



A motion to accept theresignation of Lisa Dockery, full time court clerk, was made by CouncilmanGallagher; seconded by Councilman Minissali. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.



A motion was made by CouncilwomanGreene to appoint Trudy Harper as full time court clerk at $12 p/h; seconded byCouncilman Minissali. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made by CouncilmanCluen to appoint Leslie Treut as Zoning Board of Appeals clerk at $11 p/h;seconded by Councilman Gallagher. RollVote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made by CouncilmanGallagher to appoint Matthew Hintz to full time Building Maintenance at $12.33p/h; seconded by Councilwoman Greene.

Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to appoint Laura Ebert to the Economic Development Commission for afive (5) year term; seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


1). Presentation: Ms. Eileen Comasa, Superintendent of theRondoutValleySchoolDistrict, gave an over view of the proposed2008-2009 budget which will be voted on by district residents on May20th. The proposed budget is$59,062,343, an expenditure increase of $2,268,865 which figures to a 3.99 %increase. A Fund Balance of $1,700,000being applied to reduce the tax levy to 1.85%. She highlighted the changes and also stated that should the budget bedefeated, a contingency of $58,600,695 was already prepared which would noteliminate any one program but would reduce expenditures across allprograms. All equipment money would beeliminated; this is computers and anything over $1,000 per item. Ms. Comasa stated that in addition to thebudget there are five (5) people running for three (3) seats on the Board, MikeRedman and Kent Anderson were with her and are seeking re-election; she alsourged low income elders to file for the additional exemption for school taxes(must be income eligible beyond Enhanced Star).

John Maylie complimented theSuperintendent for coming and giving a great presentation.


2). Agreement authorizing providing sewer serviceto property onAnnStreet. Supervisor McDonough informed the Board that the Water/SewerCommissioner¡¦s have advised that they want the Town Board to handle thismatter; they previously reviewed it in 2005. Councilman Minissali wants to see some documentation showing the capacityof the plant and present out-put. Aresolution will be presented next week.


3). Feasibility Study for ShiftingAssessments. A brief discussion followedabout the feasibility of shifting the duties of assessment to the county levelthrough a State grant of up to $50,000 to the county to fully study the cost,quality of service and convenience to taxpayers. The entire Board concurred that municipalassessors must participate in the study. A resolution will be presented next week.


4). Removal of Scrap Metal at the TransferStation. Bids were opened on May 2,2008; only one of three bids qualified, Bijeaux Transport ofMiddletown,NY, with a bid of $260.00 per gross ton. A resolution will be presented next week foraccept the bid.


5). Ad Hoc Zoning Review Committee. Discussion centered on a definitive length oftime for the review to be accomplished; the scope of the review will be limitedand will follow the adopted Comprehensive Plan. The Economic Development Commission wants to present their developmentplan for adoption and possible inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan; this wouldrequire a public hearing before inclusion. A resolution will be presented next week to form the committee.


6). Expanding the Route 32 Park&Ride. There was a short discussion about expandingthe park and ride at its¡¦ present location; it will add an additional 30spaces. A resolution will be presentednext week to authorize the Supervisor to negotiate expansion of the Route 32Park&Ride.


7). Route 32 Bridge Repair. Supervisor McDonough stated that DOT hasdenied the request for sidewalks on James Street as part of the bridge rehab;Supervisor said that Carl Hornbeck is moving forward with plans to install asidewalk on the hill portion of James Street; the McGinty¡¦s have agreed to someof their property being cut back to allow the sidewalk and retaining wallnecessary for the placement of the walk. Councilwoman Greene asked the Supervisor to have DOT come back andexplain what is to happen during the bridge rehab and what they will and willnot do while work is being done on the bridge. Supervisor McDonough said that the survey work for the sidewalk from thehousing to the Community Center has been completed, we just got the bill. Supervisor McDonough also noted that a $5,000grant was received from Assemblyman Cahill for tree planting along the sidewalkon Route 32.


8). Executive Session. A motion was made at 9:15 p.m. by SupervisorMcDonough to enter executive session to discuss a possible hiring issue;seconded by Councilman Minissali.

Roll Vote: 5 Yeses.


Out of executive session at 9:40p.m., no action was taken.




HIGHWAY FUND         ¡§           # 84-91           ¡§          $ 8,559.26

SEWER FUND               ¡§           # 67-70           ¡§          $    445.10

WATER FUND              ¡§           # 61-67           ¡§          $  1,615.02

SOLAR FUND               ¡§           #   1-8             ¡§          $  3,455.50


A motion was made by CouncilmanMinissali to pay the bills; seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Roll Vote: 5Yeses.


A motion to adjourn was made at9:54 p.m. by Councilman Cluen; seconded by Councilman Gallagher.


Respectfully submitted,



Joan S. Jordan

Town Clerk