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The meeting was called to orderby Supervisor McDonough at 7:34 p.m. at theRosendaleCommunityCenterwith the Pledge to the Flag.


PRESENT:Councilman Robert Gallagher

CouncilwomanManna Jo Greene

CouncilmanKenneth Cluen (arrived at 7:40 p.m.)

CouncilmanRichard Minissali

SupervisorPatrick McDonough

ALSO PRESENT:Michael Moriello, attorney for Wild Rose;Ed Maestro, Jennifer Metzger, Environmental Commission; Billy Liggan, PlanningBoard; about twenty citizens.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Betsy Tuel thanked the Supervisor for gettingthe web site up and running; Supervisor McDonough said that we are partlythere.

Hal Sampson asked that Boardmembers use their microphones as it is difficult to hear what is being discussedand that is the reason for being there.

A producer, ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K., forKingston Area Public Access said that he is available and willing to tapemeetings for showing on cable.


RESIGNATIONS/APPOINTS:  Supervisor McDonough asked for a motion toaccept the resignation of Frances Jordan as Deputy Tax Collector. A motion was made by Councilman Minissali toaccept the resignation of Frances Jordan as Deputy Tax Collector; seconded byCouncilwoman Greene. Roll Vote: 4 Yes, 1Absent (Cluen).

Supervisor McDonough asked for amotion to appoint Leslie Treut as Planning Board clerk.

A motion was made by CouncilmanGallagher to appoint Leslie Treut as Planning Board clerk; seconded byCouncilman Minissali. Roll Vote: 5Yes.

Supervisor McDonough asked for amotion to appoint Kenneth Hassett as the Deputy Fire Marshall.

A motion was made by CouncilmanCluen to appoint Kenneth Hassett Deputy Fire Marshall; seconded by CouncilwomanGreene. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.

Supervisor McDonough asked for amotion to appoint Trudy Harper as a temporary deputy tax collector to replaceFrances Jordan.

A motion was made by CouncilmanGallagher to appoint Trudy Harper temporary deputy tax collector; seconded byCouncilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.



1. Environmental Commission: A motion was madeby Supervisor McDonough to  appoint Jennifer Metzger as chairmanand the following people to five (5) year terms: Jennifer Metzger, EdwardMaestro, Joseph Liuni; to four (4) year terms:Deborah Weltsch, Richard VanDenheavel, Ilonka Lukas-Metsger; three (3)yearterm: Joan Maylie, NajaKraus, Nava Tabak and appointing Joseph Liuni asUlster County EMC representative; secondedby Councilwoman Greene. RollVote: 5 Yes.

2Youth Commission: A motion was made bySupervisor McDonough to appoint Matt Terpening as chairman and the following toa two (2) year term: Matt Terpening, Gene Markle, Nora Snyder, Ben Talutto;seconded by Councilman Gallagher. RollVote: 5 Yes.

3.Police Commission: A motion was made bySupervisor McDonough to appoint the following to a one (1) year term: Ray Lukas,Anthony Stenta; seconded by Councilwoman Greene. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.

4.Water/Sewer Commission: A motion was made bySupervisor McDonough to appoint Harriet VanKleeck chairman of the Water/SewerCommission; seconded by Councilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 5 Yes. SupervisorMcDonough stated that there is one opening on the commission, at the presenttime there are no applicants; we will re-advertise on the web site and possiblyin the newspaper and make an appointment at a later date.

5.Economic Development: Supervisor McDonoughmade a motion to appoint   Victoria Coyne to a five (5) year term;seconded by Councilman Minissali: RollVote: 5 Yes. Supervisor McDonough stated that thecommission is looking atexpanding tohave a total of seven (7) members, further study will be done.

  1. ZoningBoard of Appeals: A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint RobertHendrickson chairman and Brian Farmer to a five (5) year term; seconded byCouncilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 

Councilman GallagherNo (favors re-appointing John Maylie)

Councilwoman GreeneNo

Councilman CluenYes

Councilman MinissaliYes

Supervisor McDonoughYes

  1. Boardof Assessment Review(BOAR): Supervisor McDonough made a motion to appoint NickGantner as chairman; Thomas Loughlin to a five (5) year term; seconded by Councilman Gallagher. Roll Vote: 5 Yes.
  2. RecreationCommission: A motion was made by Supervisor McDonough to appoint Diane Bedellchairman; Miriam Patton to a seven (7) year term; seconded by CouncilmanMinissali. Roll Vote:







    1. Michael Moriello, attorney for Wild Rose Subdivision, addressed the TownBoard on the timing, documentation and procedures to move forward with anapplication to form a private stormwater management district. Mr. Moriello said that the 22 lot subdivisionis still undergoing the SEQRA review and they will not be seeking approval untilthe SEQRA is completed; further background information was put forth by Mr.Moriello. Supervisor McDonough said thathe had forwarded a copy of the stormwater management agreement, a copy is inBoard folders for review, to David Massimi, our MS4 enforcement officer for hisreview; it was noted that a copy should also be forwarded to Carl Hornbeck,Highway Superintendent; Supervisor said he would take care of that

Mr. Moriello said that the TownBoard had great foresight in enacting the stormwater management local law, itwill mitigate future problems with developers; each district will have its¡¦ owncharge on taxes for infrastructure maintenance.

The Environmental Commission hasrequested that all materials be forwarded to them for review; C.T. Male alreadyhas materials; Mr. Moriello said that he will have the material to them beforetheir next meeting. The EnvironmentalCommission has already received a large file of material they are in the processof reviewing.

Councilman Minissali asked how wecan have assurance that the Environmental Commission will have time to reviewand comment on the project before we go to approval. Ms. Metzger stated that they have beenreviewing the project since the project started; they have formed an informalsub-committee to work with the Planning Board to work on submissions.

Councilwoman Greene asked how theEnvironmental Commission will communicate to the Town Board and Planning Board;Ms. Metzger said the sub-committee will report to the Planning Board and theTown Board Liaison. Ms. Metzger saidthat they would like to formalize the interaction through a change to the TownCode. Mr. Moriello restated that theapplicant has waived all time limits until the SEQRA review is finished.

Councilman Minissali recommendedthat the relationship between the Environmental Commission and the PlanningBoard be codified.


2. Highway Department BackhoePurchase: Carl Hornbeck, Highway Superintendent, has requested authorization topurchase from state bid a new 4 wheel drove backhoe/loader for $58,529.00 less atrade-in allowance of $13,500.00 for the present 1993 loader leaving a balanceof $45,029.00 which would be paid from Highway Capital Reserve.

A resolution will be presentednext week to authorize the purchase.


3. Meeting Summary JERB/DEC, January 24, 2008:The meeting took place at the DEC Regional #3 Headquarter, New Paltz, NY. Attendees from the Town ofRosendalewere: Supervisor McDonough, Planning ChairmanBilly Liggan, Mary Lou Christiana, Esq., attorney for the Town ofRosendale, Charles Vossand Dave Plant of C.T. Male, Town Planning Consultants.  DEC representatives were: Willie Janeway,John Parker, Peg Duke, Scott Sheeley, andBillRidge.


4. Land Use Leadership Alliance Training: A copy of e-mail to Supervisor McDonoughregarding upcoming training being held on four (4) days, April 4, April 18, May1, and May 9, 2008 at Norrie Point Environmental Site in Staatsburg, NY. Supervisor McDonough has application formsfor nomination of a Town representative; the deadline is March 7, 2008.


5. Contract with NY Rural Water Assn.: Thecontract is to complete groundwater resource mapping associated with theRosendale Groundwater Protection Plan. Aresolution will be presented next week.


6. Authorizing Ron Henry of the firmCommonwealth Electrical Inspection to conduct business in the Town ofRosendale. Tom Fiore, Rosendale Building Inspector, hasrequested additional electrical inspectors be approved to handle the increaseddemand in the Town. A resolution will bepresented next week.


7. Purchase of two (2) Toughbook LaptopComputers for the Police Department from Evolution Technologies at a total costof $10,270.00. A resolution will bepresented next week to authorize the purchase.


8. Purchase of Updated Telephone System for theJustice Court and Police Department. The current system is outdated andun-repairable; the cost of the updated system is $3,095.00. A resolution will be presented next week toauthorize the purchase.


9. Renewal of Customer Service and MaintenanceAgreement for Telephone System at339 Main Streetin the Assessor/BuildingInspector Offices. A resolution will bepresented next week.


10. Renewal of Customer Service and MaintenanceAgreement for the Telephone System at424 Main Street, Town Hall. A resolution will be presented next week.


11. Announce a Public Hearing to Approve TimeWarner Franchise Agreement. A resolutionwill be presented next week to set a hearing for March 5, 2008.


Dorothy Sterritt thanked theBoard on behalf of the Senior Citizens for the assistance in securing vanservice to the Congregate Meals site at the Community Center. Supervisor McDonough stated that LegislatorsTerpening andLomitaalso assisted and that LegislatorTerpening may have found a van for a long term solution.

Councilwoman Greene stated thatmany people cam out to vote in the primary early on February 5thonlyto find out that the polls didn¡¦t open until noon; perhaps in the future wecould be sure that the information is put on the road sign at the entrance tothe Community Center.




HIGHWAY FUND         ¡§           # 9-21           ¡§          $16,045.94

SEWER FUND               ¡§           #10-12           ¡§          $    825.55

WATER FUND              ¡§           # 9-13           ¡§          $    571.08



A motion to pay bills was mad byCouncilwoman Greene; seconded by Councilman Cluen. Roll Vote: 5Yes.


A motion was made by CouncilmanCluen to adjourn at 9:15 p.m.; seconded by Councilman Minissali.


Respectfully submitted,