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August 5, 2010

Chairman Billy Liggan called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm at the Rosendale Community Center, Rosendale, NY.



ROLL CALL            Chairman Billy Liggan-               Present

                                    Randi Morf -                                        Present

                                    Jeanne Walsh -                                     Present

                                    Fred Greitzer -                                     Present

                                    John McEnrue -                                    Present

                                    Peter Perry -                                        Present

                                    Joseph Havranek -                               Present

                                    Nick Mercurio –(Alt)                            Present

                                    Dave Plante, C.T. Male Assoc.             Present


Also Present:  Manna Jo Greene -Town Board Liaison

                       Jen Metzger - Environmental Commission

                       Sandy Peterson - Environmental Commission



The minutes from July 1, 2010 meeting were accepted as written.

Motion made by F.Greitzer, seconded by R. Morf.

Roll Vote: Billy Liggan – Yes, Joseph Havranek – Yes, Fred Greitzer –Yes, Jeanne Walsh – Yes, Randi Morf – Yes Peter Perry, John McEnrue (not present for vote)

Motion Carried.


Public Hearing:

Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless

Special Use Permit #2010- 1


Public Hearing

Opened – Aug 5, 2010- 7:33 pm


Scott Olson- Representing Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless and Edward Frawley from Tectonic were present.

83 ft tower which includes lightening rod proposed to be erected in Tillson at 138 Davis Rd.


Comments from the Public

Glen D. resident of Woodland Dr. – Was Joppenberg Mt considered?

Board members explained Joppenberg Mt is not allowed by code.


Douglas Jones –resident of Woodland Dr – Was an Environmental Study conducted? 


Question was asked who was contacted on the Town Board. Why wasn’t the Water Tower considered? Water tower in question needs major refurbish done to it.


Betsy Tuel stated that she saw the Balloon Test that was done in the spring; she went to various places in town and did not visual see the balloon.


Numerous residents that live on Woodland Dr are requesting photographs to be taken from this area, Ed Frawley will check to this if there were photos taken from Woodland Dr.


Manna Jo Greene asked what coverage this location will provide in lieu of the High Falls water tower.

Exhibit #4 in the application shows the coverage from the proposed Tillson tower.


Don Moyer – closest resident to the proposed tower asked if Verizon can make it look like a Pine tree


Paul King asked has there been an Environmental study done. He is concerned about health risks; Scott replied emissions from this tower are below the FCC legal limits

Will there be any land line interference? (Example – cable, phone services)


Jen Metzger asked if there have been any complaints for lack of service in this area.


Susan King – will this have any value on property values? The assessor could possible answer that question.


Manna asked if Verizon would reconsider location.


The following issues need to be considered:

  1. Woodland Dr photographs
  2. copies of letter sent to the Town
  3. Visibility – (another Balloon Test)
  4. will this tower impact property values
  5.  Coverage needed


Joe suggested keeping the Public hearing open to mitigate the 5 issues stated above.

Written comments will be accepted from the Public


Motion was made by John McEnrue, seconded by Joe Havranek to keep the Public hearing open till the next scheduled Planning Board meeting on Sept 2, 2010.

Roll Vote: Billy Liggan – Yes, Joseph Havranek – Yes, Fred Greitzer –Yes, Jeanne Walsh – Yes, Randi Morf – Yes, Peter Perry-Yes, John McEnrue -Yes

Motion Carried

Application was submitted to the County for referral, County indicated that there would be no impact.

Designs for the shelter will be submitted next meeting.


Old Business:

Scott –Smith –Special Use Permit #2010-4


Motion was made by B.Liggan, seconded by F.Greitzer to override the County recommendations for the following reasons:

Island View is an existing facility which conforms to local Town code, an Evacuation Plan is currently on file with the Rosendale Fire District and a copy is in the applicants file. Applicant will provide the County Emergency Management Department with a copy of the Evacuation Plan and provide proof to the Rosendale Planning Board that this was complied with. The Planning Board states that additional residents would not increase safety or health hazards.


Roll Vote by the Board Secretary:

Planning Board Chairman Liggan: Yes

Planning Board Member Havranek: Yes

Planning Board Member Walsh: Yes

Planning Board Member Morf: Yes

Planning Board Member Greitzer: Yes

Planning Board Member Perry: Yes

Planning Board Member McEnrue: Yes

Motion Carried


Motion was made by Fred Greitzer, seconded by Peter Perry to approve Special Use permit # 2010 -4 with the following conditions:

1. Applicant will provide the County Emergency Management Department with a copy of the Evacuation Plan.

2. Provide proof to the Planning Board the Evacuation Plan has been filed as stated above.

Roll Vote: Billy Liggan – Yes, Joseph Havranek – Yes, Fred Greitzer –Yes, Jeanne Walsh – Yes, Randi Morf – Yes, Peter Perry-Yes, John McEnrue -Yes

Motion Carried


New Business:

Hugh Polatsek#2010- 3 Special Use Permit


Applicant would like to sell used cars on his property – no car repairs will be done.

The following information is requested concerning this application

1. Max number of cars to be displayed

2. Parking for customers

3. Sign details

4. Landscape plan





CT Male will provide a list of item that need to be applied to this application using the Route 32 Corridor plan.

This application will need to go to the County for a review and a Public hearing will need to be scheduled.





Misc. Business:

ZRC Draft code Review


ZRC is in the finally stages of proposing recommendations to the Town Board


The following items are concerns the planning board will be reviewing

1. Residential Lighting

2. Conservation subdivision – proposed code reads 8 or more lots, PB recommends they be voluntary, will check with attorney on legal issues.

3. Pre application – the Planning board is not limited to the pre application commends

Attorney recommends using the words subject to but not limited to….

4. Business district – Main Street

5. Building permits requirements in regards to constrained lands-


Further discussion and written comments will be discussed at future Planning Board meetings.


Motion was made by Peter Perry to adjourn the meeting.

Roll Vote: Billy Liggan – Yes, Joseph Havranek – Yes, Fred Greitzer –Yes, Peter Perry – Yes, Randi Morf – Yes, Jeanne Walsh – Yes, John McEnrue – Yes  

Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned @11:15 

Next Planning Board Meeting is scheduled for September 2, 2010


Leslie Treut



Planning Board Clerk