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Sept. 3, 2009


Chairman Billy Liggan called the sub-committee meeting to order at 6:30pm at the Rosendale Community Center, Rosendale, NY.




                                                Joseph Havranek                      Present

                                                Bill Liggan                                Present

                                                Jeanne Walsh                           Present

                                                Fred Greitzer                            Present

                                                Dave Plante - C. T. Male          Present


J.Havranek and F.Greitzer asked how they should address to ZRC use of Sub-committees and work shops with less than a quorum to hold illegal sessions to get around open meetings law. F. Greitzer does not want to participate in illegal meetings. Jeanne feels it is their way to get rid of you so no one speaks against their ideas.


Fred asked what the ZRC was originally charged to do. The answer was to address ZBA/PB problems that arise from applications that are not covered in the code and come up with a solution that goes with the Comprehensive Plan.


ZRC wants the PB to do the frame work on the codes that are in need of possible revision.

Motion made by B. Liggan, seconded by J. Walsh that the Planning Board will take at least one item from the list of items to be revised each month to brainstorm..

Roll Vote: 4 Yes.


Motion made by B Liggin seconded by J Havranek to have C. T. Male contact Behan Associates to clarify the scope of work and collaborate on how the two consultants will interact  Roll Vote: 4 Yes.


Motion by J. Walsh, 2nd by J. Havranek to start with # 4 (75-48(B)) & 5 from the list of codes to be reviewed and then do #2 (75-21).  . Roll Vote; 4 Yes.


#4        already in the works, just need Mary Lou Christina to finalize draft changes to the County MOA.

#5        need comments from Leslie regarding application process.


#2        A future meeting is pending regarding this item with Planning Board members, Aero       Star, Mike Moriello (attorney for Aero Star), Tom Fiore, Dave Massimi, and           Patrick McDonough.


J.Walsh wants to know about items that come up in front of board that need to be addressed at that time not wait for the next list. It was stated that nothing is stopping the PB or ZBA from making a change and presenting it to the Town Board for a vote. If TB wants it to go to ZRC before voting that is up to them. B. Liggan stated #6 was done years ago by an Ad-Hoc committee that was set up by the supervisor at that time.


We need to invite Supervisor McDonough to the Oct. meeting and get something straighten out.


Chairman Bill Liggan then opened the Planning Board’s regular meeting at 7:30pm.


ROLL CALL;        Chairman Billy Liggan               Present

                                    Randi Morf                                           Present

                                    Jeanne Walsh                                       Present

                                    Fred Greitzer                                        Present

                                    John McEnrue                                      Present

                                    Peter Perry                                           Excused

                                    Joseph Havranek                                  Present

                                    Nick Mercurio                                      Present

                                    Dave Plante, C. T. Male Assoc.            Present



The minutes from August 6, 2009 meeting were reviewed and motion to approve as written by F.Greizer, 2nd by R.Morf, with J.McEnrue Abstaining.

Roll Vote: Bill Liggan - Yes, Randi Morf - Yes, Jeanne Walsh - Yes, Fred Greitzer - Yes, Joseph Havranek - Yes, Nick Mercurio - Yes. Motion Carried.


Public Hearing:

None Scheduled


Old Business:

Wildrose #2006-17 Major Subdivision


Mike Moriello stated the Ulster County Health Department has issued approval and signed off. Applicant has signed all forms dated Sept. 3, 2009. The Town of Rosendale Planning Board Resolution and decision granting final subdivision approval was read by Billy Liggan.

Motion made by J Havranek to grant final subdivision approval, 2nd by J. Walsh.

Roll Vote: B. Liggan - Yes, R. Morf - Yes, J. Walsh - Yes, F.Greitzer - Yes, J. McEnrue - Yes, J. Havranek - Yes, N. Mercurio - Yes, Motion Carried.


Pape # 2009-2 Site Plan


Ulster County Planning Board issued a no impact statement.

John McEnrue wanted to know about the 3rd floor kitchen, Billy Liggan thought somewhere along the way that the 3rd floor kitchen was to be removed.

It is up to the building inspector/ code enforcement officer to make sure codes are followed, as to if kitchen is allowed on 3rd floor.


Motion was made by B Liggan, 2nd by F Greitzer to refer to Tom Fiore on the site plan.

Roll Vote: B. Liggan - Yes, R. Morf - Yes, J. Walsh - Yes, F. Greitzer -Yes, J. McEnrue - Yes, J. Havranek - Yes, N. Mercurio - Yes,

Motion carried.


Letter on file from Tom Fiore states Mr.Pape agreed to remove kitchen either way, if 2nd & 3rd floor is to be one apartment or 3rd floor to be left vacant.


Mr. Pape is to submit a letter to the Planning board what he proposes and the Planning Board will go to Tom Fiore for help with approval.



Town of Rosendale #2009-3 Minor Subdivision


Recommendations from the Ulster County Planning Board were for Public Access to the Rondout Creek.

Motion was made by B. Liggan, 2nd by J. Walsh. to override the request at this time because of lack of input by the DEC and Army Corp Engineers as to their requirements.. Roll Vote: B. Liggan - Yes, R. Morf - Yes, J. Walsh - Yes, F. Greitzer - Abstained, J. McEnrue - Yes, J. Havranek - Yes, N. Mercurio - Yes,  Motion Carried.


In the future the town will be coming before the Board for a site plan review covered under 75-40 & 75-28.and this issue regarding public access will be addressed at that time.


Motion for approval of final plat for a minor subdivision by Randi Morf, 2nd by John McEnrue.

Roll Vote: B. Liggan -Yes, R. Morf - Yes, J. Walsh - Yes, F. Greitzer - Abstained, J. McEnrue - Yes, J. Havranek - Yes, N. Mercurio - Yes. Motion Carried.



Planning Board asked Supervisor McDonough if funding is available for C. T. Male if necessary for ZRC work that the planning board is doing. Also what is left in our budget?


Metsger/Lucas #2009-7 Lot Line Adjustment

Conditions of Road Maintenance Agreement were met. Copy provided by applicant for file.

Maps to be signed.


Motion was made by Joe Havranek, 2nd by Randi Morf to adjourn @ 9:00pm

Roll Vote: B. Liggan - Yes, R. Morf - Yes, J. Walsh - Yes, F. Greitzer - Yes, J. McEnrue - Yes, J. Havranek - Yes, N. Mercurio - Yes. Motion Carried.



Respectfully submitted;


Debra Tierney/Acting Planning Board Clerk