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June 5, 2008

Chairman Billy Liggan called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm at the Rosendale Community Center, Rosendale, NY.





ROLL CALL:   Chairman, Billy Liggan – Present

                          Randi Morf – Present

                          Jeanne Walsh – Present

                          Fred Greitzer – Present

                          John McEnrue – Present 

                          Peter Perry – Excused

                            Joseph Havranek-Present

  Nick Mercurio-Present

  Charles Voss, C.T. Male Associates, Planning Board Consultant – Absent 

                            Dave Plante, C.T. Male Associates, Planning Board Consultant - Present



The Draft minutes from the May 1, 2008 meeting were reviewed. The following amendments were made and the revised and final minutes are on record.

Line 10 change the word persistent to pursuant.

Page 2 under Public Hearing change start to open, and stop to close. Joe Havranek would like to see the date and time added if /when the public hearing remains open

Under Misc Business, add additional comments made by Mr. Janeway to include the following ,He wants to build connections with other agencies, his agency is committed to working together and to he wants to keep communication open between all involved parties.

F Greitzer made the motion to accept the minutes as amended.

John McEnrue seconded the motion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes, J.McEnrue – Yes,

                  J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes, Jeanne Walsh- Abstained

 Motion Carried.


Misc Business:

Training Session held June 10, 6-9 pm on Flood Plain Mapping

Rosendale Recreation Center

Association of Towns Training held in New Paltz, July 17. Please submits applications to the clerk.


Public Hearing

None Scheduled


Old Business:

Wild Rose # 2006-2 Major Subdivision


Fred Greitzer motioned to refer the question to CT Male regarding the issue of Karst and whether a third party independent, review is required concerning the required level for a septic system for public health concerns. Seconded by Billy Liggans who opened for discussion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – No, F. Greitzer – Yes, J.McEnrue – No,

                  J. Havranek– No, R. Morf – No, N. Mercurio-No, Jeanne Walsh- No

 Motion Not Carried

All information discussed and any new correspondence presented by the applicant needs to be incorporated in the Neg Dec.

The board reviewed two letters submitted after the Public Hearing. There was not any new information disclosed. The letters will not be entered into the records.


Horizon Center - #2008-6 Special Use Permit


The code for Horizon Center needs to be changed on application to reflect the following code SIC Code 836.

F.Greitzer made the Motion to determine Lead Agency for SEQRA as an unlisted action,-seconded by J.Havranek.

Roll Vote B.Liggan – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes, J.McEnrue – Yes,

                  J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes, Jeanne Walsh- Yes

 Motion Carried.

J.McEnrue read a Draft SEQRA Lead Agency Resolution.

(See attached Resolution for the record)

J. Havranek went through the requirements needed for a Site Plan established under Town Code 75-40 with the applicants.

A letter is required to the Highway Superintendent about the driveway enter and exit routes.

J.McEnrue made a motion to require the applicant to follow the addition requirements established in Town Code to include the following 5 D (1) and E 1,2,3,4- Filing fee’s. J Walsh seconded the motion.

Roll Vote B.Liggan – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes, J.McEnrue – Yes,

               J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes, Jeanne Walsh- Yes

Motion Carried.

Layout Requirements on building upgrades should be mentioned on Site plan.

Escrow account needs to be established for $3500.00.


New Business:

Save Them Now – Mr. Ronnie Wade –Pre Application/ Presentation

Location of proposed project is 46 Main St, Rosendale (Old Cigar Shop)

Project is for a 25 all male facility that focuses on facilitating men into jobs, and mainstream life style. The facility will be dormitory style, 3-5 staff on premises and a licenses social worker.  

Local faith based groups sponsor this program as well as county sponsored.

Application /fee’s need to be submitted to the Planning board for further review.


F.Greitzer made the motion to adjourn the meeting @ 10:10 p.m.

R Morf seconded the motion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – Yes, J Walsh- Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes, J.McEnrue – Yes,

                  J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes

Motion Carried


Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,



Leslie Treut

Planning Board Clerk©