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February 7, 2008

Chairman Billy Liggan called the meeting to order at 7:37 pm at the Rosendale Community Center, Rosendale, NY.


ROLL CALL:  Chairman,Billy Liggan – Present

                          Randi Morf – Present

                          Jeanne Walsh – Present

                          Fred Greitzer – Present

                          John McEnrue – Present 

                          Peter Perry – Absent ( Arrived @ 9 PM)

                            Joseph Havranek-Present

  Nick Mercurio-Present

  Charles Voss, C.T. Male Associates,Planning Board Consultant – Present

                            Dave Plante, C.T. Male Associates, Planning Board Consultant - Present




The minutes from the January 3, 2008 meeting were reviewed. The following amendments were made:

Page 5, Line 3 “ after the word conflicts strike of interest.

Page 6 Line 14 strike and voted on.

Page 6

J.McEnrue made the motion to accept the minutes as amended.

J. Havranek seconded the motion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – Yes, J.Walsh – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes,  J.McEnrue – Yes,

                  J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes.

 Motion Carried.


Public Hearings:




Old Business: 


Wild Rose #2006-17 Major Subdivision

Mike Moriello presented a letter to the board to allow a 62 day timeline default to be waived. Also submitted was a proposed stormwater district management plan. It will at some point require a Public hearing. Wild Rose does not want a determination of the district until after the SEQRA process is done.


Barry Meddenbach – Dug 2 or more sample test holes on every lot. Identified septic and reserve and conducted perk tests on all lots. The county inspector approved all sites and sites were suitable. We had substantial amounts of soil . This property was a sand and gravel mine. We did not hit bedrock on any site. All holes are man made, we have witnesses to that. The little pockets of “wetlands” are man made. All lots have adequate soils that meet state requirements.

J. Havranek – Depth of holes?

B. Meddenbach- 6 ft. – Systems are built at 2 ft.

J. Metzger- Types of soil?

B. Meddenbach- Most is sand groups, a little bit of clay. One area had a lot of clay the location was moved and a perk test was conducted. 

J. Havranek- Do you know where your permit is at with the County?

B. Meddenbach- waiting for final maps and preliminary approval from this board.

J. Havranek- Karst issues, come to find in some respect is irrelevant if there is enough soil on top of the bedrock. The Health Dept has the final approval and is really their issue. It is a county approval to satisfy the public. The count is aware of the Karst issue and it is a huge expense to continue if the county is doing the same research. We need to draw the line on this issue. Recommend CT Male forward the report for Karst to the county.

Other issues – Right of way

Would like to send opinion out to town’s attorney. Can board alter and make approval when there is a property dispute?

Concerns – Plume, research on the superfund site in High Falls conducted by CT Male found there were organic compounds found. Numerous wells in the high Falls area were tested over a period of time and no findings were noted , the wells at Wild Rose will not be effected, the superfund site is 1 ½ miles from Wild Rose.

J. Havranek- Question to Mike Moriello will you prepare a Draft Negative Declaration?

Mike Moriello- Part two will be completed and presented to the board.


Richard Cusanno #2007-20 Minor Subdivision

Need to get a legal opinion from Marylou on whether or not Mr. Cusanno needs a Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA).


New Business:

Max Schimmrich #2008-1 Lot Line Adjustment

F.Greitzer –Motion to hold Public Hearing for next meeting pending submission by deadline. Pete Perry –seconded motion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – Yes, J.Walsh – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes,  J.McEnrue-Yes,

                  J. Havranek– Yes, P. Perry – Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes.

 Motion Carried.


Misc. Board Business: 




R. Morf made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 p.m.

P. Perry seconded the motion.

Roll Vote: B.Liggan – Yes, J.Walsh – Yes, F. Greitzer – Yes, 

                  J. Havranek– Yes, R. Morf – Yes, N. Mercurio-Yes. J. McEnrue-Yes

Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully Submitted,

Leslie Treut
Planning Board Clerk