Conservation Easement


In early 1999, Anita Peck, as President of Ulster County Construction Company, granted to RONDOUT-ESOPUS LAND CONSERVANCY, INC. a conservation easement on some 426 acres of land to create the "Preserve Area For the Walter Williams Commemorative Conservation Easement".  The easement was intended "to preserve in perpetuity the Open Space Values of the Preserve Area and to continue compatible recreational and forestry uses of the Preserve Area."  Links on this page point to the relevant sections of an annotated transcript of the actual easement.

Lands included

The protected land includes all of Fourth Binnewater Lake up to the shoreline on the west and southwest.  Also protected is all of the land of Ulster Construction Company north of a point near where the right-of-way of the Wallkill Valley Railroad skirts the southeast corner of the lake and extending northward to the Rosendale-Ulster town line.  The right-of-way of the railroad is not within the protected area.  These lands include a peninsula on the north shore of the lake and another on the southeastern shore.  This land also includes the Third Binnewater Lake (not to be confused with Hidden Valley Lake, which is sometimes referred to as Third Lake).  Exempt from the easement are an imbedded 10 acre parcel conveyed to NY DEC for the protection of Indiana Bat habitat and rights-of-way to access both that parcel and a Central Hudson electric transmission line.  The annotated transcript includes a map of the Preserve Area.

Restrictions on use

The easement restricts how the land (and water) can be used.  Exceptions to most of the restrictions can be obtained from the Conservancy via a one-time-use waiver, provided the purpose of the easement is not compromised.  Amendments to the easement must be approved by both parties.


Prohibited activities include:


Enforcement of the easement is the responsibility of the Rondout-Esopus Land Conservancy, Inc.

Last updated 29 Jan 2014.

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