Tucker / Peck house


The Tucker / Peck house is a one-floor stone-faced residence located at 455 Binnewater Road along the west shoreline of Williams Lake.  The house is located just north of a sharp S-curve in the road.

The concept plan adds a new road parallel to Binnewater Road, running along the ridge to its west.  Segment of HRVR concept drawing, showing Tucker / Peck house across road from new housing road and wastewater treatment plant. 10 single-family homes are located along this road, which has entrances at each end that connect it to Binnewater Road.  The southern entrance is directly across Binnewater Road from the Tucker / Peck house.  Cars exiting the new road will have their headlights pointed directly at the house.  Because of the S-curve just south of this entrance, drivers exiting the new road at this point and turning north will have poor visibility to oncoming traffic.

The concept plan also adds a "wastewater treatment plant", about the size of 5 houses, across the street and slightly south of the Tucker / Peck house.  The prevailing winds in this area are from the southwest, so the Tucker / Peck house will be directly downwind of this plant.

The Tucker / Peck house is one of only 4 properties bordering Williams Lake which have not been contracted for acquisition by Hudson River Valley Resorts.

Last updated 7 Feb 2009.

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