State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)


The following diagram is adapted from one at the DEC web site.  It has been customized to show the process as it applies to the Williams Lake project.  Green and yellow boxes link to an explanation of the related step at the DEC site.  Completed steps are shown in green, while an upward arrow points to the current step.

Step 1. Classifying the Action Step 2. Complete the Correct Environmental Assessment Form Step 3: Coordinate Review Step 4: Determine Significance Step 4c: Issue a Positive Declaration Optional Step: Scope the Draft EIS Step 5: Preparation of the Draft E.I.S. Step 6: Determine the Adequacy of the Draft EIS for Public Review (Accept or Return for Revision) Step 7: Publish Notice that an EIS is Accepted for Public Review Step 8. Public Comment Step 9. Decide Whether to Hold a Public Hearing Step 10. Preparation of the Final EIS Step 11. SEQR Findings

Detail on specific actions taken and planned can be found in the Official Actions timeline on this site.

More detailed information on the SEQR process is available in the SEQR Handbook.

Notices required by SEQR are published late each Wednesday in the Environmental Notice Bulletin.  A link to the most current Bulletin appears near the top of the page.  From there you can select "DEC Region 3" and then "SEQR and other notices" to see notices relevant to our area.

SEQR originates in Article 8 of the New York State Environmental law (click on 'Laws of New York', then 'ENV', then 'Article 8').  The Department of Environmental Conservation has implemented this law via detailed SEQR Regulations.

As the HRVR project proceeds through the SEQR process, the DEC is maintaining a page of links to relevant documents on their web site. 

Last updated 3 Aug 2013.

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