Planned Development District



ZRC Mission statement

"The Zoning Review Committee (ZRC) was established by a Town Board resolution to review town zoning codes.  Our work involves considering and recommending zoning code affecting design standards, community character, zoning districts, application procedures, protecting areas of environmental significance, identification of suitable areas for potential development and "smart growth" development.

The work of the ZRC is guided by the Comprehensive Plan which was developed to serve as a guideline to regulate land use for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, quality of life and general welfare of its citizens."

History of the Planned Development District in Rosendale

What is a PDD?

More detail can be found in the rough draft document developed by the ZRC.  Note, however, that this document was not finalized and left many issues unresolved.  Here is a review of the Planned Development District proposal.

Last updated 11 Jul 2011.

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