[This hyperlinked Table of Contents for the Master Development Plan was prepared by Save The lakes.  It duplicates the Table of Contents provided by HRVR, but provides links to the various files.] 

Links in this Table of Contents point to the third version (3 Dec 2013) of the document components.  Where an earlier version exists, additional links, within square brackets, will take you to them.

One additional change was made to the Plan at the 4 Dec 2013 Town Board meeting, just before it was approved.  At the bottom of p. 41, regarding a workforce housing agreement which read "A Workforce Housing agreement will be submitted for approval by the Town Board prior to approval of the first phase of Site Plan." the wording was changed to "...agreement must be approved by the Town Board prior...".

Table of Contents

Table of Contents as provided by HRVR   [Original]

[All of Section I. of the document is contained in a single 11 Mb file.  After linking to that file, you must scroll down to the desired page as identified in the entries below.  Some page numbers in the original version of the document are one less than shown here.]