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Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC

Town of Rosendale, Ulster County, New York

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Revised May 2013

Hudson River Valley Resorts
Final Environmental Impact Statement

State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR)
Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

Hudson River Valley Resorts, LLC
Town of Rosendale, Ulster County, New York


Table of Contents as provided by HRVR

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[Table name (Section)] [Title] [Page]
Table II.A.1 Summary of Outreach Efforts 7
Table II.B.1 Summary of Changes to Residential Unit Count 10
Table II.B.2 Single-Family Homes 10
Table II.B.3 Summary of Proposed Resort Parking 11
Table II.B.4 Summary of Distances of Proposed Development from Women's Studio Workshop Property Line 12
Table II.B.5 Summary of DEIS Comments and Proposed Modifications to HRVR Project: March 2012 21-22
Table III.A.1 Summary of Fiscal Benefits 31
Table III.A.2 Summary of Potential Impacts and Benefits 33-34
Table IV.B.1 Comparison of HRVR to Proposed Development Projects in Ulster County 68
Table IV.E1 Percent of Development Area by Slope Category 103
Table IV.E.2 Comparison of Development Area by Slope: DEIS vs FEIS 103
Table IV.J.1 Summary of DEIS Appendix K.3 193
Table IV.K.1 Summary of Construction Phases 203-204
Table IV.K.1a Projected Rock Removal Vibration Levels at Mine Openings 207
Table IV.K.2 Summary of Revised Wetland Impacts and Proposed Mitigation 224
Table IV.K.3 Revised Habitat Loss by Cover Type 235
Table IV.K.4 Wetland Buffer Distances 264-265
Table IV.L.1 Summary of Consistency between Project and Objectives of Comprehensive Plan 289
Table IV.M.1 Level of Service Summary All Conditions 334
Table IV.M.2 Hudson River Valley Resorts Cut and Fill 335
Table IV.M.3 State Traffic 366
Table IV.M.4 Parking 375
Table IV.P.1 Municipal Employment -- Additional Employment Post Construction 394
Table IV.Q.1 Homes Sold in Ulster County at or above $650,000 416-417
Table IV.Q.2 Hudson Valley rental Apartments Advertised on Craigslist, June 2012 429
Table IV.R.1 FEIS Construction Phases 454-455
Table IV.R.2 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 1 456
Table IV.R.3 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 2 456
Table IV.R.4 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 3 457
Table IV.R.5 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 4 458
Table IV.R.6 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 5 458
Table IV.R.7 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 6 459
Table IV.R.8 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 7 459
Table IV.R.9 Demolition -- Vibration: PHASE 8 459-460
Table IV.X.1 Deep Test Locations and Data 516

[24 May 2013]