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Public Hearing

On 6 Jun 2011, a public hearing on the HRVR DEIS was conducted at Ulster County Community College, from 4:00 p.m. until 11:05 p.m., with a break for dinner in the middle.  At this hearing, the DEC was soliciting comments on the substance of the DEIS; many speakers, however, chose to express general support for or concerns about the project, outside of the scope of the DEIS.

A transcript of the public hearing was made.  The listing below shows the names of speakers and the page numbers of the transcript on which their remarks appear, along with a brief listing of substantive topics, i.e. those related to material in the DEIS, that the speaker addressed.  Note that some speakers' names are incorrectly spelled in the transcript; this index corrects such errors where they have been detected.

Written comments

Following the public hearing, written comments were accepted from the public until 12 Jul 2011 and from Town officials until 21 Jul 2011 (the later deadline allowed for comments from town-hired consultants).  Those comments are listed below.  Some people who provided verbal comments at the public hearing also provided subsequent written comments.

Comments are listed by last name of the submitter or, for organizations, the first word in the Organization name (excluding A, An, and The).  Where individually-identified comments were combined into an organization submission, they are indexed under both the organization name and the names of individual submitters.  The general subject of substantive comments, i.e. those related to material in the DEIS, follows the submitter's name. 

Last updated 13 Mar 2012.

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